Tesla bars staff from anonymous chat app after leaks

first_img Tags Tech Industry Car Tech Mobile Apps Roadshow Elon Musk Tesla Share your voice 0 Post a comment Tesla leaks are reportedly leading to employees being barred from using Blind. Nick Miotke/Roadshow Tesla has blocked employees from using anonymous workplace social network app Blind following leaks about the company, Blind has confirmed.Blind has said Tesla is blocking verification emails from its employees’ addresses so they can’t validate their accounts.  “We first found out about this issue through emails from Tesla employees who were trying to sign up on Blind but were not receiving verification emails from us,” Curie Kim from Blind told CNET in an email Tuesday afternoon. “We looked into the verification rates for Tesla and there was a surge in verification failure on our end starting on May 4th, 2019.” “From these facts, we can confirm that Tesla is preventing employees from accessing Blind,” Kim said. She explained it was similar to when Uber blocked Blind usage by employees back in 2017 after whistleblower Susan Fowler spoke up about the Uber working climate. Kim said more employees from more than 40,000 companies are using Blind, including 55,000 Microsoft staffers, 38,000 from Amazon, 16,000 from Google, 13,000 from Facebook, 11,000 from Uber and 10,000 from Apple. “Tesla is the only company that is blocking its own employees from accessing or signing up on Blind,” she said. As spotted earlier by Verdict, a Tesla employee had posted publicly on Blind in May about being unable to use the app.  “Why is Tesla opposed to their employees using Blind? We can’t access the app on the company network,” the post says. “Have to use phone data instead. And it seems they’re blocking emails from Blind too. I told a couple of co-workers about the app but they haven’t been able to receive a verification code to complete the sign-up process!” Variety said Tesla staff are also unable to use Blind via Tesla’s Wi-Fi network. Blind requires users to verify their account with a company email address but then keeps their identity anonymous in order to give “an equitable voice to everyone.” “Through anonymity and community, we aim to flatten corporate hierarchy and remove professional barriers in order to initiate open conversations and create transparency,” Blind says. The app features multiple channels for users: topics channels, private company channels, Tech Lounge and Startup Lounge. Tesla didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has meanwhile been trying to psyche his employees up to hit delivery targets, reportedly sending out an email last week top push hard while demand is high. Reports say Tesla’s current quarter could eclipse its 90,700 deliveries record. Originally published June 4, 2:18 p.m. PT.   Update, 3:49 p.m.: Adds confirmation from Blind. last_img read more

Japan death toll from floods climbs to 100

first_imgVehicles make their way through a mud-covered road in Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture, western Japan 9 July. Photo: APThe Japanese government says at least 100 people have died or are presumed dead from the heavy rains, floods and mudslides that have struck western Japan.Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference Monday that 68 people were unaccounted for, many of them in the hardest-hit Hiroshima area.Suga said 87 people were confirmed dead and 13 others had no vital signs when they were found as of early Monday.Searches and cleanup efforts were taking place in the southwestern region where several days of heavy rainfall set off flooding and landslides in a widespread area.People are preparing for risky search and cleanup efforts in southwestern Japan, where several days of heavy rainfall had set off flooding and landslides in a widespread area. Japanese media reports said 88 people died and 58 people are missing.Some residents in Hiroshima prefecture said they were caught off guard in a region not used to torrents of rainfall, which began Friday and worsened through the weekend. Rivers overflowed, turning towns into lakes, leaving dozens of people stranded on rooftops. Military paddle boats and helicopters were bringing people to dry land.The assessment of casualties has been difficult because of the widespread area affected. Authorities warned that landslides could strike even after rain subsides as the calamity shaped up to be potentially the worst in decades.last_img read more

Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Into Law Amid Putin Retaliation

first_imgEvan Vucci/APPresident Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 Summit in early July. It’s unclear how sanctions Trump signed into law this week will affect the personal relationship between the two men.After being approved by overwhelming majorities in Congress, President Trump signed into law new sanctions against Russia on Wednesday, a White House official has confirmed to NPR. The move is in contrast with his frequently stated desire to improve relations with the country.The sanctions bill targets Russia’s mining and oil industry, and aims to punish the country for interfering in the 2016 presidential election as well for its military aggression in Ukraine.Russian President Vladimir Putin has already announced retaliation for the sanctions; the U.S. has to cut its embassy and consulate staff in Russia by 755 people by Sept. 1.“It’s impossible to endlessly tolerate this kind of insolence towards our country,” Putin said of the sanctions at a news conference on July 27.The bill also applies new sanctions to Iran and North Korea.Questions had been raised about whether Trump would sign the sanctions bill, because the president has spoken so overtly and so frequently about wanting to improve relations with Moscow. By the time the legislation got to his desk, however, Congress had left him with little choice; both chambers had passed the bill with veto-proof bipartisan majorities. The House passed it 419-3, the Senate voted in favor 98-2. The bill restricts Trump’s ability to ease Russia sanctions without Congress’ involvement.Multiple congressional committees and a Department of Justice special counsel are all investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible links between top Trump campaign aides and Russia. The U.S. intelligence community has concluded that Russian intelligence services, acting at Putin’s direction, conducted cyberattacks aimed at helping Trump during the campaign. The president has repeatedly denied that he or anyone involved in his campaign colluded with Russia and Putin has repeatedly denied that the Russian government had any role in the hacking of emails and their strategic release at key moments during last year’s presidential race.Notwithstanding the multiple investigations and the cloud Russian interference has cast over Trump’s presidency so far, the two leaders have seemed to be developing a friendly relationship. After Trump and Putin met on July 7 in Hamburg, Germany, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the pair had a “clear positive chemistry,” as they talked for more than triple the time that had been scheduled for the meeting.“There was such a level of engagement and exchange,” Tillerson said, “neither one of them wanted it to stop.”It was later disclosed that Trump had had another reportedly hour-long conversation with Putin at the same global summit without the presence of any of his staff or even an interpreter.This sanctions bill is likely to affect the relationship between the two men and their two countries. The White House at first hedged about whether Trump would sign it, but then released a statement saying the president intended to sign the bill — putting to rest questions about whether Trump would force Congress to override a veto of the legislation.Vice President Pence also voiced support for the sanctions, and criticism of Russia, during a visit to the Baltics this week.“At this very moment, Russia continues to seek to redraw international borders by force, undermine democracy in sovereign nations and divide the free nations of Europe, one against another,” Pence said at a press conference in Estonia on Monday, according to CNN.Pence also reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to the defense of NATO countries as part of the alliance’s mutual defense agreement.But the vice president also said he was hopeful for “better days, for better relations with Russia.”The same goes for the American public. According to an NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist Poll released last month, a plurality of Americans thought Trump’s goal of improving Russian relations was a “mostly good thing.”That poll was conducted, however, before details emerged about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting last year with a Russian attorney, two other Russian-Americans and two top aides of the Trump campaign.According to emails released by Trump Jr. that detail plans for the gathering, the president’s eldest son was informed beforehand that the Russian attorney would be bringing incriminating information regarding Hillary Clinton provided by the Russian government in order to help his father’s presidential campaign. But Trump Jr. and the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, have both said that no such information about Clinton changed hands at the meeting.Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/. Sharelast_img read more

Houston Diversion Program To Benefit LowLevel Offenders And Bayous

first_img#CleanAndGreen is a public private partnership with @AmerYouthWorks that will clean records & our environment pic.twitter.com/ehGC3biAVj— Harris County DA (@HarrisCountyDAO) April 4, 2018 The Clean and Green program “creates one more tool to reintegrate offenders into the community” and saves taxpayers $, says @SheriffEd_HCSO pic.twitter.com/cWyuPNHTOZ— HCSOTexas (@HCSOTexas) April 4, 2018 Elizabeth Trovall/Houston Public Media Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.In lieu of a jail sentence, the Clean and Green diversion program allows eligible non-violent offenders to clear their criminal records by cleaning up Houston’s waterways. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said prosecutors will decide who is eligible for the program. Defendants facing charges of any violent crime cannot participate. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said he sees many benefits to the program, like freeing up jail space and reducing recidivism.“To us this is a no-brainer,” said Gonzalez. “We operate the largest jail complex in the State of Texas – the third largest in the entire country – and, in fact, right now we are pretty much at capacity.”The program will also cut costs. “This helps saves some taxpayer dollars that would otherwise go into a costly incarceration system or a very costly prosecution system,” said Gonzalez.   The Harris County District Attorney’s Office estimates $240,000 in yearly benefits from manual labor through community service. The announcement of the program marks the official partnership with the Texas Conservation Corps at American YouthWorks, which will supervise participants.Clean and Green announcement https://t.co/dr28UfjVff— Harris County DA (@HarrisCountyDAO) April 4, 2018center_img Sharelast_img read more

Can Neutrons be Used in Quantum Computers

first_img Explore further Hasegawa, a scientist affiliated with the Atominstitut der Österreichischen Universitäten and PRESTO at the Japan Science and Technology Agency, feels that the most recent experiment undertaken by him and his colleagues will offer a new way to look at questions involving quantum information processing. The results of the experiment appear in Physical Review Letters with the title “Quantum Contextuality in a Single-Neutron Optical Experiment.”Hasegawa explains that photons are most often used in quantum information technology, but that he hopes that this recent experiment, which is fundamental in nature, will contribute to the consideration of different quantum systems, including neutrons, for quantum information processing. Hasegawa and his colleagues, Rudolf Loidl and Matthias Baron from the Atominstitut and from the Institut Laue Langevin in France, and Gerald Badurek and Helmut Rauch at the Atominstitut, suggest that noncontextual theories involving neutrons are clearly violated with the results of this experiment. This most recent experiment is related to a paper published in 2003 in the journal Nature. In the previous paper, Hasegawa and his colleagues address Bell-like inequalities found in neutrons. However, with this new experiment the Kochen-Specker theorem is tackled, looking at quantum contextuality: “We use a neutron interferometer, and the Schrödinger equation represents our phenomena. We wanted to show a contradiction in noncontextual theories. We wanted to show a prediction in quantum mechanics. There’s a contradiction in Kochen-Specker with photons, and we wanted to show it with neutrons.” Hasegawa explains that the experiment took place at Institut Laue Langevin (ILL) in France, with the largest reactor in the world, and made use of polarized neutron beams split inside the interferometer. With some manipulation, observations of three separate products were measured. After the analysis was performed, the values were found to be outside the limits predicted by noncontextual hidden variable theory. The contradiction was found.There is no way to obtain a completely ideal experimental situation, Hasegawa admits, but the interferometer was key to the experiment. “Our neutron interferometer experiment is one of the best suited for such a fundamental experiment.” He also points out that single neutrons were used. “Instead of two particles as usually used in two-photon entanglement experiments,” Hasegawa says, “we used two degrees of freedom in single particles.” Even though entanglement between different particles is considered essential for their use in quantum information processing, this does not appear to be the case with single-neutrons. With the use of entanglement between degrees of freedoms in this experiment, Hasegawa believes that single particles are good candidates for quantum information processing: “This neutron case is completely different from the photon case,” he says. “They have mass and spins and obey Schrödinger equation. This experiment shows that they can probably be used for information processing as well as for fundamental research in quantum mechanics just like photons.”Hasegawa continues: “I hope that this fundamental experiment can help with further technical development in quantum information processing.”By Miranda Marquit, Copyright 2006 PhysOrg.com.All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of PhysOrg.com. Citation: Can Neutrons be Used in Quantum Computers? (2006, December 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2006-12-neutrons-quantum.html The Quantum Cheshire Cat: Can neutrons be located at a different place than their own spin?center_img “In quantum mechanics, you typically have arguments about locality and non-locality,” Yuji Hasegawa tells PhysOrg.com. “But in our experiment we are testing correlation between degrees of freedom.” This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Highspeed video study reveals the nature of the cobra wave

first_img Citation: High-speed video study reveals the nature of the cobra wave (2017, August 29) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2017-08-high-speed-video-reveals-nature-cobra.html A small team of researchers from multiple institutions in France has learned more about the properties of the “cobra wave” by building structures from popsicle sticks and filming wave progressions with a high-speed camera. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, Jean-Philippe Boucher, Christophe Clanet, David Quéré and Frédéric Chevy describe the series of experiments they carried out with the sticks and what they learned in the process. A cobra wave is, by definition, a wave that occurs when popsicle sticks are bound together in a certain way under tension and are then released—the sticks become unbound as the wave propagates the length of the structure. Understanding the cobra wave and how it works is important because researchers believe that some biological processes work in the same way.To learn more about the cobra wave, the group assembled a large number of popsicle lattices in arrangements that were similar to previous methods of creating the effect—each resembled a number of Xs lined up next to one another, sort of like the small fences used in a flower garden. The two ends had a different configuration, with sticks placed in such a way as to prevent adjacent ones from unraveling. Once the structure is set, all it takes is pulling one stick from the end to create the wave, which moves in fashion similar to dominoes—one stick unraveling causes the next to unravel, until the structure is undone. There is one particularly unique characteristic of the wave—as it gets going, the part of the structure that has not come undone rises into the air, causing the structure to bend in the shape of a cobra about to strike. Another characteristic of the structure and associated wave is the sticks flying every which way as the wave progresses, creating an impressive display. Via highs-speed video of multiple waves in action with the variably sized popsicles sticks arranged in slightly different ways, the researchers learned that stick length must fit into a narrow range of possibilities. They also found that the recoil was due to sticks being ejected. The sticks, of course, got their kinetic energy from the stored potential energy derived from bending. The team also derived wave speed formulas based on characteristics of the sticks. As for the unique cobra shape, the team found that it resulted from competition between the recoil from sticks being ejected and gravitational forces. More information: Jean-Philippe Boucher et al. Popsicle-Stick Cobra Wave, Physical Review Letters (2017). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.119.084301 British vets warn against throwing sticks for dogs Journal information: Physical Review Letters © 2017 Phys.org This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Credit: Physical Review Letters (2017). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.119.084301 Explore furtherlast_img read more

Centra has signed up two time Olympian and Commonw

first_imgCentra has signed up two time Olympian and Commonwealth Games medallist, Johnny Davis as an ambassador for Centra’s Live Well programme.Over the course of 2017, Johnny will provide hints and tips to aspiring runners, providing the motivation to get them on track before, during and after the Centra Run Together events.Commenting at the launch, event organiser, Johnny Davis said: “Running has proven to be very beneficial for helping people live healthy lifestyles. “Run Together is a concept designed to let people run in pairs and we encourage all levels of runners to join in the fun – to pair up with their partner, son, daughter, a friend or neighbour and help raise money for Action Cancer.“I am proud and excited to be an ambassador for Centra’s Live Well programme and I am looking forward to getting people across Northern Ireland healthy and active.”Centra Run Together will take place at Quayside, Derry, on Wednesday, June 14 at 7 pm.The Centra Run Together series, a Live Well initiative, is sponsored by Deep RiverRock and Müller.David Hearty from Deep RiverRock said: “With social running continuing to grow in popularity across Northern Ireland, these community events will encourage a spectrum of new and seasoned runners to get moving while supporting a good cause. “Deep RiverRock is also passionate about supporting active communities, and proudly brings its ‘Think Straight, HYDRATE’ message to a number of local running events. With these existing synergies, the partnership with Centra and its Live Well programme is a perfect fit for us and we are delighted to be involved.”Cathy Whyte from Müller said: “We’re delighted to sponsor Centra Run Together as part of the Live Well campaign. The inaugural Centra Run Together series saw hundreds of participants in each race and we are looking forward to this year’s series.  With our support, we hope to bring a positive healthy lifestyle message to even more families across Northern Ireland.”All participants will receive a Centra Run Together T-shirt and bespoke medal as well as giveaways at the events.  For further information and details of how to register visit www.centra.co.uk/runtogether or the Centra Facebook page,www.facebook.com/CentraNICENTRA’S FREE FAMILY FUN RUN IN DERRY HELPS RAISE VITAL FUNDS FOR LOCAL CANCER CHARITY was last modified: March 6th, 2017 by John2John2 Tags: ShareTweet Lucy Evangelista pictured at the launch of Centra Run Together.THE North’s leading convenience retailer Centra has launched its popular series of charity family fun run in Derry for the second year.The Centra Run Together series is designed to feed the recent upsurge in ‘social runners’ across the North of Ireland, encouraging communities to get up and running together, whilst raising vital funds for Action Cancer.Following the success of the inaugural Centra Run Together initiative in 2016, a race will be held again in Derry. This year the events are completely free to enter but participants are encouraged to make a donation to Action Cancer in lieu of an entry fee.They are designed for a variety of participants from walkers, first time runners to those using the 5k course as training for a marathon.Musgrave NI’s head of marketing, Desi Derby, said: “The Centra Run Together series is part of our Live Well initiative, which represents an investment of £1 million and is aimed at helping our customers make healthier choices, addressing the serious health issues associated with today’s society. “We had a great response to our initial Run Together series, with many families running their first 5k together, capturing a great community atmosphere. We’re looking forward to building on this success and raising even more money for Action Cancer.” centraCENTRA’S FREE FAMILY FUN RUN IN DERRY HELPS RAISE VITAL FUNDS FOR LOCAL CANCER CHARITYJOHNNY DAVIDLUCY EVANGELISTAMCE PUBLIC RELATIONS LTRDSINEAD DOYLElast_img read more

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