Trudeau says Quebec cannabis plan leaves opening for organized crime

first_imgYEREVAN, Armenia – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the incoming Quebec government’s plan to raise the legal age for smoking cannabis to 21 could leave an opening for organized crime.Speaking to reporters this morning on the last day of a trip to Armenia, Trudeau said increasing the legal age could undermine one of the federal law’s key aims — eliminating the black market.Trudeau said he hopes to discuss the matter further with Coalition Avenir Quebec Leader Francois Legault, whose party was elected Oct. 1.The federal law sets the minimum age at 18 but leaves it open to provinces and territories to establish their own rules.In all provinces and territories, the legal age will be 18 or 19 when cannabis becomes legal next Wednesday.But Legault has promised to raise the age to 21 from 18 in Quebec. Trudeau said he personally agrees with a legal age of 18.last_img read more

Sony Pictures Television forms closer ties with Wattpad storyteller platform

TORONTO — Sony Pictures Television is forming a tighter relationship with the Wattpad social media platform for storytellers, authors and writers.Toronto-based Wattpad will use its proprietary technology to identify writers that are likely to appeal to Sony Pictures Television and then act as a liaison between the creators and the multinational TV producer.A similar approach was used with a TV adaptation of the “Death is My BFF” book series by Wattpad author Katarina E. Tonks, whose work is being co-developed by Sony Pictures Television, Stampede Ventures and Wattpad. The head of Wattpad Studios, Aron Levitz, says creators retain all of the rights to their works but his company can help them make money from selling rights to the content.Under the new arrangement, Wattpad will provide Sony Pictures Television with an exclusive first-look opportunity that gives it a limited time to assess the work and offer an option fee that’s “similar or better” to industry averages.Wattpad isn’t disclosing financial details of its arrangement with Sony Pictures Television or the individual creators. The Canadian Press read more

UNICEF chief urges global investment to help Lebanon care for Syrian refugee

“Lebanon has made a tremendous commitment to caring for children fleeing Syria, despite the increased pressure on public services such as health and education,” Executive Director Anthony Lake stated as he concluded his visit to the country.“The international community has not only a humanitarian obligation to the children but a responsibility to match Lebanon’s commitment, by investing more in services that benefit every child in this country – both refugees and those in the host communities.”Lebanon is one of several countries that have accepted people fleeing the ongoing conflict in neighbouring Syria. The fighting between the Syrian Government and opposition groups seeking to oust President Bashar Al-Assad, which began in March 2011, has displaced over 4 million people inside the country and sent 2 million seeking safety outside its borders. The UN estimates there are nearly 800,000 refugees from Syria in Lebanon – constituting one-fourth of the country’s population and stretching its resources to capacity. In meetings with Lebanese President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister Najib Mikati, Mr. Lake reaffirmed UNICEF’s continued collaboration in the areas of health, nutrition, education, water, sanitation, hygiene and protection through programmes targeted at the most vulnerable children in some of the poorest communities in Lebanon.Particular concerns were shared about the impact of the approaching winter months, and the need for urgent action to prepare for this especially challenging period.“I have met Lebanese teachers working tirelessly to deliver a quality education to many more children than they ever imagined in their classrooms,” said Mr. Lake. “And I have met Syrian children living in tented settlements who still dream of seeing their homes and their toys again.”UNICEF and other agencies working with children affected by the conflict in Syria have warned of the long-term impact of the trauma experienced by many children, urging more attention be paid to education and psychological programmes alongside life-saving services.“We must all do more to support a generation of children who will build the future of this region,” said Mr. Lake, who arrived in Lebanon following a two-day visit to Syria. In September, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon inaugurated the International Support Group for Lebanon which is aimed at helping the country address the multiple challenges it faces, including hosting hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. read more

At UN youth activists press for bold action on climate emergency vow

Finally, a seat at the climate action tableOn Saturday, Ms.Wickramanayake said: “Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Millions of young people all over the world are already being affected by it. If we don’t act now, the impact will be severe.”She praised the cliamte strike movement, saying: “We have seen how you organize your communities … Your peers and even your parents.” And after demanding for years that their voices be heard on climate, she said: “Imagine the power of the movement you have created! The leaders are now asking for a seat at your table!” The Summit, aiming to be different from the usual speaker-by-speaker UN meeting, took the form of a series of lively discussions and Q & A sessions, led by moderators and young people in sneakers rather than UN representatives. Even Secretary-General António Guterres served as “keynote listener” to a panel of young people who were not only at the frontlines of the climate emergency, but also coming up with innovative ways to combat the crisis.  The over 600 attendees included 100 ‘green ticket’ winners, outstanding young climate champions chosen from around the world will receive support to participate, “Yesterday, millions of people across the globe marched and demanded real climate action, especially young people,” said Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist who helped ignite a global movement. “We showed that we are united. And that we young people are unstoppable,” she encouraged fellow participants, ahead of her address to world leaders on Monday at the Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit.’Enouth is enough: No more fossile fuels!’Giving the front-line perspective, Fijian climate change action advocate Komal Kumar said her homeland was suffering greatly from the impact of a climate crisis it had contributed very little to creating. But people from her generation worldwide were “living in constant fear and climate anxiety … Fearing the future.”“Things are black and white for us: We are not insurance policies, we are human beings, we are communities. Is it too much to ask you to walk the talk, are we really looking forward to false hope?” she asked.“We demand action. Stop wasting time. Stop hindering the work [towards a sustainable future] for short term profits. Engage young people in the design of adaptation plans,” said Ms. Kumar, who warned: “We will hold you accountable. And if you do not remember, we will mobilize to vote you out.”UN Photo/Manuel EliasWanjuhi Njoroge, an activist from Kenya, highlighted progress on restoring the country’s forest cover and said that overall, youth-led climate initiatives “will cause a revolution. [And as such], we must be allowed to influence [climate] decisions. Member States must respect our freedom of expression, including online.”“This is the time for us to work together. I invite all of us to be the hummingbird that puts out the forest fire, as everyone else said it was impossible.”Thanking the UN for “including the voices of our generation in the process of building paths towards a more habitable planet,” young Argentinian climate activist Bruno Rodriguez declared climate change “the political crisis, cultural crisis of our time. Enough is enough. We don’t want fossil fuels anymore.”“The science is clear; our world leaders have an obligation to make radical change,” he stressed, adding that young climate changemakers are building a new “collective consciousness.” Turning to the Secretary-General, Mr. Rodrigues said: “Let’s stop asking world leaders to just listen to science and demand they act on science.”The day’s programme culminated in unveiling the State of Youth Platform and the ActNow platform that encourages people to take action on climate action.  UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed took part in a Town Hall with the participants and high-level representatives from Governments and civil society. “Never before in history has the United Nations offered such a prominent and visible platform to young people at a political summit,” said Ms. Mohammed, stressing that: “This is testament to the fact that your generation is leading on climate action and drawing worldwide attention to the climate emergency in a way that was impossible to imagine just a little over a year ago.” My generation has a huge responsibility – UN chief GuterresFor his part, Mr. Guterres, leaving his usual formal tie behind and opting for an open collar, agreed that “one of the problems of world leaders [is that] they talk too much, and they listen too little. And … It is in listening that we learn. It is in giving the possibility for all those that represent today’s world to speak and to have their voices be part of decision-making processes that we can move forward.” While he painted a dire picture of the impacts of the climate emergency ­– from droughts in Africa to bleaching coral reefs and heatwaves elsewhere – the Secretary-General said he saw “a change in momentum” ahead of Monday’s Climate Action Summit, due to movements like those spearheaded by Ms. Thunberg, other grassroots activists and initiatives being undertaken “at the village level.”  “I encourage you to go on … To keep your mobilization, and more and more to hold my generation accountable,” said the UN chief, adding: “My generation has largely failed until now to preserve both justice in the world and to preserve the planet. My generation has a huge responsibility. It is your generation that must make us be accountable to make sure that we don’t betray the future of humankind.” The Climate Action Summit will kick off a series of high-level events at UN Headquarters next week to drive action for people and the planet. These meetings, running alongside the UN General Assembly’s annual general debate, will see world leaders discuss progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), universal healthcare for all, and securing a broad-based development partnership for small island developing States. “We have been waiting for you!” Jayathma Wickramanayake, the UN Youth Envoy, said, welcoming the boisterous crowd of young climate leaders, who made it clear from the very start of the day-long event that global political leaders are now on notice: they must make radical changes to shift the world away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy, protect our oceans, and promote sustainable consumption.This first-ever UN Youth Climate Summit follows Friday’s global ‘climate strike’, which saw millions of young people from across the globe walk out of school and jam streets in major cities, from New York to New Delhi and Santiago to San Francisco, waving protest signs with slogans like: “Every disaster movie starts with a scientist being ignored”; and “I’m ditching school because you’re ditching the planet.”  A group of young climate activists took the mic Saturday at the first-ever youth #ClimateSummit. Panelist @GretaThunberg encouraged her fellow change-makers that recent demonstrations are proof that “we are unstoppable.”— UN News (@UN_News_Centre) September 21, 2019 read more

Appearancerelated stress linked to shows like Love Islands survey says

Ms Crossan said: “Over-55s may be less likely to report experiencing stress in the last year than Britain’s youngest adults, and indeed have fewer contributory factors, but the proportion who have been impacted by any stress is still high.“While cultural changes have meant that under-25s are much more open to talking about their mental health, older consumers are still much more likely to ‘bottle it up’, and deal with the problem alone.”She added: “Growing financial pressure on the side of the NHS and the continued consumer-driven stigma surrounding the practice have meant that Brits are not getting the mental healthcare they need.“Very few adults who experienced stress in the last year spoke to a professional, suggesting that reduced access to medical services could be a hindrance. Appearance-related stress has rocketed among young women, likely cultivated by social media and reality TV shows such as Love Island, a survey suggests.More than four in 10 women (42%) aged 16 to 24 have experienced stress related to their appearance this year, up from 26% in 2016, according to a report by analysts Mintel.Hera Crossan, research analyst at Mintel, said: “The constant exposure to unrealistic ideals of beauty is having a strong impact on young women, who increasingly report their physical appearance as a factor of stress and discontent.“It is likely that social media and reality TV shows such as Love Island have helped cultivate an unhealthy obsession with appearance perfection that women feel the need to live up to.”Overall, 91% of 16 to 24-year-olds have experienced stress in the last year compared with 77% of over-55s.But while stress levels peak among younger consumers, just 4% did nothing to tackle the problem, compared with 23% of over-55s.The top three sources of stress for Britons are money (41%), work (32%) and physical health problems (25%), the poll found. “However, an increase in app-based support and therapy via video conference could help fill the gap in mental healthcare.”Mintel surveyed 2,000 internet users aged 16 and over in February. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Teen escapes from Sophia Juvenile Holding Centre

The Police are now seeking the assistance of the public to locate a missing teen who reportedly escaped from the Juvenile Holding Centre, Sophia on August 9, 2018.Sixteen-year-old, Leon Patterson was discovered to be missing by officials there when his mother visited the facility on the said day but he could not be found.A search of the entire centre was carried out but locating him proved futile. As such, the Centre’s security cameras were examined and Patterson was seen walking unaccompanied to the admin building.It was later shown that Patterson exited the said building through a back door thus escaping.The Police have since been informed and the facility was visited by the “A” Division Commander.A team was later sent to Sophia where a search was conducted but came up empty handed.According to a Ministry of Public Security statement, persons with knowledge of Patterson’s whereabouts are asked to contact the nearest Police Station as the they continue their search. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedCops nab 2nd juvenile escapee, other still on the runSeptember 12, 2016In “Crime”Parliamentarians visit Female Lockups, Sophia Children Centre and Juvenile Holding CentreJune 18, 2014In “Politics”3 juveniles escape from Sophia holding centre, one recapturedSeptember 10, 2016In “Crime” read more

Several students rushed for medical attention after receiving vaccines in school

…parents unaware of vaccination programmeSeveral students of the Lochaber Primary School in West Canje, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) had to be rushed for medical attention at the New Amsterdam Hospital after receiving vaccines at the school.The vaccines were administered on Tuesday last and by the next day, several pupils had to be rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital. Several worried parents reached out to this publication and complained that they were not informed of any vaccination programme.This Online publication was told by the upset parents that the children’s medical records, such as their clinic cards, were not updated.Cassandra Author, a mother of five, told Guyana Times that her six-year-old son has not been able to attend school since last Tuesday.She said while at work on Tuesday, she was called and told that one of her sons was ill at home after receiving a vaccine at school. She said she immediately called the class teacher and was told to call the Head Teacher on the matter.“She ask me if I didn’t carry my son’s clinic card and I told her ‘no’. I did not sign any form and how could they give my son a vaccine unknowing to me,” the woman lamented.She further explained that she was unaware of plans to administer the vaccines at the school.“When I come home I meet my son ill and I take him to the hospital and I left the hospital at 1 o’clock (01:00h) the morning.”The mother said that she went to the school the following day and met with the class teacher and also the nurse who administered the vaccines. She also had a conversation with the Head Teacher.According to Author, she was told that the nurse insisted that the pupils be administered the vaccine even if the parents objected.Author said she contacted the Education Ministry in Georgetown and received an apology from the Department of Education in Berbice.Meanwhile, another mother, Candace Sulkar, mother of one, told this publication that her daughter suffered a similar fate after receiving the vaccine.“She said, ‘Mommy! Some nurse come in to the school and they bore me’.”She said there was blood on her daughter’s shirt and there was evidence which suggests that she received two vaccines.“She go by my sister and she ask my daughter what happen…she get weak and her skin was hot…,” Sulkar said.She said she later took her child to the hospital for medical attention. The same scenario was reported by several other parents, who noted that they are upset at the move by the school without their consent.When contacted, Director of Regional Health Services, Jevaughn Stephen said that in collaboration with the Education Ministry, all Head Teachers were invited to a meeting at the Berbice High School, where they were told about the vaccines and given consent forms to give to the parents. But the upset parents are adamant that they did not receive any consent form.“Now she (the nurse) asking me for the clinic card so she can put the records in. I have not given her the card…nobody has come to visit to see how the child is doing. Nobody from the school, nobody from the Ministry neither the nurse has come to see him,” Author said.Meanwhile, when contacted, parents of several other schools in the region said that they received the consent forms and even after signing it they received telephone calls from the school to confirm that they had indeed signed the forms.Head of the Regional Education Committee, Zamal Hussain said there was some breach of protocol at this particular school.However, he noted that the Education Ministry has launched an investigation. Hussain also heads the Regional Health Committee. (Andrew Carmichael) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedVaccination of Berbice pupils… School, medical officials guilty of breaching protocol – probeMarch 9, 2019Similar postAutopsy on Mae’s student lists cause of death as undeterminedJanuary 28, 2019In “Crime”Essequibo teen dies after crying out for ankle pains  July 23, 2019In “Health” read more

Moatize adds to Hitachi excavator fleet

first_imgThe fleet of Hitachi mining excavators at Vale’s Moatize coal mine in Tete, Mozambique has been expanded with the recent delivery of two EX8000-6s. The EX8000-6 is the largest excavator made by Hitachi and these are the first of these models being operated outside North America and Australasia.The Tete province holds one of the world’s largest untapped carbon reserves, particularly for coking coal. Vale obtained a concession in 2006 to build and operate the mine at Moatize, with operations and then production starting in 2008 and 2011 respectively.Vale has announced plans to invest $15-20 billion in Africa between 2010 and 2015, including a $6 billion expansion of Moatize to double output to 22 Mt/y. The Moatize coal reserve is 954 Mt and its life expectancy is 35 years. Vale has invested heavily in its mining equipment, which includes the two EX8000-6s (with 43 m3 coal buckets) and three EX5500-6s (34 m3) working with Caterpillar 793 and 797 trucks. The mine also has a Caterpillar FS6090 hydraulic excavator and LeTourneau (Joy Global) L-850 and L-950 wheel loaders.The Hitachi machines are subjected to one of Africa’s harshest environments, where temperatures exceed 50°C, and they come with a bespoke after-sales support package to meet Vale’s requirements. “Vale knows the level of equipment required to start operations at the mine and have knowledge of the availability and support for other equipment that we are using around the world,” says Mário Carpegiane, Vale’s Maintenance Supervisor at Moatize. “Hitachi has a good reputation and is renowned for continuously developing its mining equipment.” After one year of production, the mine was very positive about the first two EX5500-6s. The availability and quality of service and support saw Vale opt to continue to operate Hitachi excavators at Moatize, so another EX5500-6 and the two EX8000-6s were ordered to assist with the expansion of production.“The high level of on-site support is an extremely important aspect of operating Hitachi excavators,” adds Carpegiane. “The conditions in Mozambique are so tough that the maintenance and service are crucial to our operation. Hitachi supplies the parts and service for the excavators. As Mozambique doesn’t have a good infrastructure or people with the required experience and expertise, this places even more emphasis on the relationship with the manufacturer. If we didn’t have a good system in place with Hitachi, then it would be very difficult to maintain our production levels. The availability of both models has been excellent as a result of this support. The interface with the Hitachi team is second to none and we enjoy a good level of communication. Also, if you compare Hitachi models with other excavators, the design and layout are good, which is especially useful for replacing parts and general maintenance.”last_img read more

Rio updates on Pilbara AutoHaul trains and Oyu Tolgoi Underground

first_imgRio Tinto says the automation of the Pilbara train system (AutoHaulTM) continues to advance, with approximately 65% of trains at the end of Q1 2018 in autonomous mode with a driver on board for supervision and more than three million kilometres now completed in this mode of operation. The project continues to progress with the Regulator approval process and is on schedule to be completed by the end of 2018. Pilbara operations produced 83.1 Mt (Rio Tinto share 69.1 Mt) in the first quarter of 2018, 8% higher than the same quarter of 2017. Sales of 80.3 Mt (Rio Tinto share 66.6 Mt) were 5% higher than the same period of last year. Production benefitted from fewer weather disruptions than the first quarter of 2017, along with the ramp up of Silvergrass and the ongoing implementation of productivity improvements across the integrated system. Rail productivity continues to improve, with 85.0 Mt railed in the first quarter. The Koodaideri feasibility study is on track for completion in 2018.At Oyu Tolgoi Underground, new contractors continue to mobilise with the total project workforce at over 6,700 at the end of March, of which 89 per cent were Mongolian. Lateral development is tracking on plan, and sinking of shafts two and five is complete. Eight accommodation buildings in the Oyut II camp are now complete and occupancy of these buildings has begun. Construction of the first drawbell is still expected in mid-2020.Other notable news included good bauxite production rates. Bauxite production of 12.7 Mt was 12% higher than the first quarter of 2017, primarily driven by operational improvements. Gove production was notably 31% higher due to the debottlenecking of the materials handling system, whilst stronger production was also achieved at Weipa (8% higher) and Sangaredi (5% higher). The Amrun project is advancing to plan and has completed the installation of beneficiation modules and the process water dam. The project remains on schedule for first shipment in the first half of 2019.last_img read more

Romanian teen launches Lego shuttle into space

first_imgMy confidence in younger generations of geeks increases tenfold when I see stories like this. Depicted above is the brainchild of Oaida Raul, a Romanian teen who has a deep love and passion for space flight and the technology that goes with it. After reading about other people his age around the globe that have sent Lego models into space, Raul decided that it was time to act and create something himself. A huge fan of the American Space Shuttle program and saddened to see it end, he came up with a plan to build and launch a Lego replica of the famous shuttle into the upper atmosphere. Not having tremendous resources, he came to the conclusion that he would need to find an investor of some sort to help make his dream a reality. Unlike most teens that go ask their parents for money, Raul hit the Internet, PM’d Steve Sammartino, a micro-startup expert and venture capitalist, and managed to get his Skype user name. Raul immediately cold-called Sammartino in Australia, and actually got through. After introducing himself, Raul launched into a passionate presentation of his idea, communicating his deep commitment to making it happen if he could find the right business partner. Sammartino was so impressed that he agreed to fund the project on the spot, and the two began work to make it happen.With Sammartino handling the business planning and purchasing, Raul was able to concentrate on building the launch vehicle and assembling the necessary equipment. Like the others that sent up models before him, Raul decided to use a large weather balloon that would carry both the Lego model and a Styrofoam box containing camera and tracking equipment. When construction was complete, Raul set about working over his next hurdle, which was where to actually launch his project. Romania has some pretty stiff rules against this kind of balloon experiment, so Raul began to look elsewhere in the EU to find a place where the regulations would be more lax. The entrepreneurial teen settled on travelling to Germany for the launch. It was the perfect setting since not only did his father work in the country, it would also offer him several windows of opportunity to send his model skyward. After a few false starts, Raul and Sammartino were able to launch their joint venture, and capture some beautiful images as the shuttle ascended to 130,000 feet. As a result, Raul became an overnight celebrity in Romania, making the evening news and several print publications. Of course, he has gained Internet popularity as well. Raul and Sammartino are already planning their next project together, which is said to be top secret. I can’t wait to find out what it is.Read more at Micro Blade Jets, via Boing Boinglast_img read more

Des chercheurs révèlent deux nouveaux groupes sanguins

first_imgDes chercheurs révèlent deux nouveaux groupes sanguinsDes chercheurs ont découvert deux nouveaux groupes sanguins. Baptisés Junior et Langereis, ils rejoignent la liste de la trentaine de groupes déjà connus mais ne concerneraient cependant qu’un nombre limité de personnes. A, B, O, AB : si les plus célèbres des groupes sanguins restent le système ABO, devant le système rhésus (- ou +), il existe en vérité précisément 29 groupes sanguins. Chacun d’entre eux repose sur l’absence ou la présence de molécules pouvant être reconnues par les anticorps du système immunitaire, à la surface des globules rouges. Aujourd’hui, ce sont ainsi deux nouveaux groupes sanguins qui viennent de rejoindre la liste. Baptisés Junior et Langereis, ils ont été découverts par une collaboration internationale de scientifique, dont plusieurs Français de l’Institut national de la transfusion sanguine.À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Comme l’explique l’étude publiée dans la revue Nature Genetics, ces deux nouveaux groupes se basent sur la présence de deux protéines, ABCB6 et ABCG2, qui font partie des transporteurs ABC qui permettent à des nombreuses substances de franchir la membrane plasmique. Pour arriver à cette conclusion, les scientifiques ont purifié les protéines afin de les identifier. Puis ils ont utilisé les antigènes des deux groupes qu’ils ont testé sur des échantillons de sang. Ils ont ainsi constaté que certains d’entre eux présentaient déjà des anticorps spécifiques dirigés contre ces antigènes. Une réaction immunitaire qui témoigne d’une nouvelle discrimination de cellules sanguines et donc de nouveaux groupes sanguins, rapporte Futura-sciences. Des mutations dans les gènes codant pour ces protéines ont même été identifiées.  Néanmoins, d’après les chercheurs, ces groupes sanguins ne poseraient que rarement des problèmes et ne concerneraient même qu’une infime partie de la population. Toutefois, ils pourraient être à l’origine de rejets de greffe voire de complications après une transfusion sanguine chez certaines populations à risque, notamment les Japonais et les Gitans d’Europe. Une incompatibilité entre la mère et son fœtus pourrait également apparaître. En effet, les rejets dépendent de la réaction immunitaire de l’organisme et surviennent quand celui-ci reconnait des éléments comme étrangers et tente de les éliminer. D’autres groupes à découvrir “Plus de 50.000 Japonais sont susceptibles d’être Junior négatif et peuvent rencontrer des problèmes de transfusion sanguine ou d’incompatibilité mère-foetus”, commente pour le Daily Mail, le biologiste Bryan Ballif qui a participé aux recherches. D’où l’importance de la découverte. Cela faisait une quinzaine d’années qu’un groupe sanguin n’avait pas été découvert. Mais les chercheurs ne comptent pas en rester là pour autant et entendent bien poursuivre leurs travaux. Selon eux, dix à quinze groupes n’auraient pas encore été identifiés.Le 7 mars 2012 à 13:14 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Betis near agreement with Barcelona for midfielder

first_imgReal Betis are close to reaching an agreement with Barcelona for the transfer of Rafinha Alcantara, according to Goal.The Brazil international has been linked to a loan to the Seville side for weeks and looks set to move before the transfer window closes.The Andalusian club want to sign the midfielder on a season-long loan move from the Catalan club but the Spanish champions want to make sure there’s an obligation to buy at the end of the season in the deal.Betis would rather have the option to send him back, however, and are set to get their way after a meeting on Thursday.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.Rafinha is expected to sign a new contract with Barca before leaving to join Quique Setien’s side, as the Catalans are keen to avoid him leaving on a cheap.The 25-year-old spent the second half of last season on loan in Italy with Inter Milan, helping the Italian giants secure a return to the UEFA Champions League this season.The San Siro outfit had an option to sign him for around €40million but failed to come up with the money and couldn’t get him to resign with the club on loan. Rafinha joined Barcelona in 2006 and rose through the youth system to make his debut in 2011, going on loan to Celta two years later.The La Masia academy product made his 80th appearance for the Camp Nou outfit when he started in the 2-1 win over Sevilla in the Supercopa de Espana, but did not feature in their opening two La Liga games of the season.last_img read more

Addison Lee to face legal action over holiday pay and minimum wage

first_imgTaxi organisation Addison Lee is to face legal action over the status of its drivers and their entitlement to workers’ rights, such as holiday pay and the national minimum wage.The legal action is being brought by the GMB trade union on behalf of three Addison Lee drivers, who are being represented by law firm Leigh Day.The claim argues that drivers at Addison Lee should be classified as workers rather than self-employed. This would entitle the drivers to employment rights, such as holiday pay and the national minimum wage.The hearing begins today at the Central London employment tribunal (Tuesday 4 July 2017).Maria Ludkin, legal director at GMB, said: “Addison Lee is shirking its responsibilities through bogus self-employment. Addison Lee drivers work for Addison Lee and are entitled to the same basic rights and benefits as workers in other industries.”Liana Wood, employment lawyer at Leigh Day, added: “Addison Lee currently denies that its drivers are entitled to the most basic of workers’ rights. They argue that drivers do not work for Addison Lee but instead work for themselves and are self-employed. On behalf of our clients we will claim that Addison Lee is wrongly classifying its drivers as self-employed with the result that drivers are denied the rights and protections that they were lawfully intended them to have, including the right to not have their contracts terminated because they are members of a trade union.“We will argue that Addison Lee exerts significant control over its drivers in order to provide a highly trained and vetted driving service to the public. If Addison Lee wishes to operate in this way, and to reap the substantial benefits, then it must acknowledge its responsibilities towards those drivers as workers.“This claim is vital for the thousands of Addison Lee drivers who work in England and Wales and has implications even wider than that. We are seeing a creeping erosion of employment rights as [organisations] misclassify their workers as self-employed so as to avoid paying them holiday pay and the national minimum wage.”Addison Lee had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.last_img read more

Brush Strokes Art Studio To Hold Paint Night At Roccos On November 26

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Brush Strokes Art Studio of Tewksbury is holding a paint night in Wilmington this month.On Monday, November 26, 2018 at 7pm, come paint holiday wine glasses at Rocco’s Restaurant & Bar (193 Main Street).  Eat, drink and paint!  Brush Strokes will provide all the paint supplies.  No painting experience is necessary.  Space is limited so register today by calling 508-572-0853 or by clicking HERE.  Cost is $35 for two wine glasses.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedBrush Strokes Art Studio To Hold Paint Night At Rocco’s In NovemberIn “Business”Brush Strokes Art Studio To Hold Paint Nights At Tremezzo & Rocco’s In OctoberIn “Business”Brush Strokes Art Studio To Hold Paint Night At Rocco’s In FebruaryIn “Business”last_img read more

Kapil Sharma Show Archana Puran Singh reveals how she was brought onboard

first_imgArchana Puran Singh, Navjot Singh SidhuTwitterIt has been close to four months since Navjot Singh Sidhu left (or was asked) to leave The Kapil Sharma Show and Archana Puran Singh was brought onboard. From being there in place of Navjot for just two weeks to now becoming a permanent fixture on the show, Archana Puran Singh has had quite a journey.Talking about the same in an interview, Archana revealed what exactly transpired and how she was brought on-board when Navjot Singh Sidhu left. Archana revealed that when The Kapil Sharma Show started, she was still judging Comedy Circus, where she had seen Kapil Sharma earlier. She revealed that since she was judging that show, makers brought on-board Navjot Singh Sidhu.”When Sidhu went away for about two weeks, Kapil called me for two episodes. When he had to leave again for his election campaign, I was called for a couple of episodes. I was excited to be back because the backstage and onstage teams are pretty much the same as Comedy Circus. It was a sort of reunion and a lot of comfort working with Kapil and the team,” she told DNA.Talking about how Krushna Abhishek and Kapil Sharma make fun of her and keep pulling her leg on replacing Sidhu, Archana revealed, “This joke has been going on since Comedy Circus days. I was the judge and there were two others — from Satish Shah to Shekhar Suman to Arbaaz Khan, Johny Lever and Rohit Shetty — who kept changing; but I was constant. They used to make fun of me saying, ‘Yeh judges ko kha jaati hai’.”In an interview with HT, Archana Puran Singh had also spoken up about how different she is from Sidhu. She said, “We are two very different individuals. He has earned a name for himself and so have I. Our personalities are very different and both of us are happy in our own space. It’s just a coincidence that I am here and he is not and it goes on like that in our industry.”last_img read more

40000 people marooned by flood in Fenchuganj

first_imgA salesman sitting idly in a shop surrounded by floodwaters in Fenchuganj on Sunday. Photo: Anis Mahmud There is water all around. Houses, offices, shops, schools, everything is surrounded by water. In some places the water is knee-high, in some places it’s up to the chest. It has been like this for the past month in Fenchuganj upazila of Sylhet.The floods worsened further will incessant rain over the last two weeks. Local people say this deluge has been caused by an overflow of the river Kushiara.An on-the-spot visit to Fenchuganj upazila today, Sunday, saw that water had entered 500 of the 700 shops there. Only a few shops where less water had entered, managed to remain open. With flood waters not receding for a month now, business was suffering, said the local traders.Flood victims in Fenchuganj using boats in streets on Sunday. Photo: Anis MahmudThe local administration said that due to the floods, 40 thousand people of over 50 villages in the upazila were trapped by water. Studies had come to a halt in three government primary schools where water had entered.A total of 52 families were staying at the three shelters which had been opened up in the upazila. Relief was being distributed among the flood-affected people.Businessman of the Fenchuganj upazila sadar, Fakhrul Islam, said that normally sales at his shop would reach around 20 thousand to 25 thousand a day, but for the past few months he hasn’t been able to make even 20 taka a day. He has had to pile bricks up on the floor of his shop which had been covered with water. Fenchuganj flood victims take shelter in Prani Sampad Bhaban on Sunday. Anis MahmudWith such water all around, there was the fear of snakes too.A resident of the area, Shaheen Ahmed, said the water in his house was knee-high. He had lined the floor with several layers of bricks upon which he placed a bed as a makeshift platform to stay on. But with two children, it was worrisome. There was always the fear of them falling into the water. Cooking posed a problem too.Executive engineer of the Water Development Board in Sylhet, Sirajul Islam, said, “There had been excessive rain recently in the Borak valley of Assam in India. This caused the river Kushiara to overflow resulting in floods.” He said the flood situation would not improve unless the rains lessened.UNO of Fenchuganj Hur-e-Jannat told Prothom Alo, “With the level of water in the river Kushiara dangerously rising, the entire upazila was flooded.”  She said the administration was doing all in their power to come to the assistance of the flood victims. “However, suffering can’t be avoided in such natural calamities,” she added.According to the deputy commissioner, 50 thousand persons were surrounded in water due to the flooding of low-lying areas in nine upazilas. A total of 89 families were housed in nine shelters of the district. They were being provided with food as well as medical and financial aid. Local people, however, said that about 150 thousand people were trapped by water in the district.Sylhet’s deputy commissioner said that the district administration had immediately distributed 127 metric tonnes of rice and Tk 277 thousand in cash to the flood-affected persons. This assistance would be increased if needed.*The article is rewritten in English by Ayesha Kabirlast_img read more

Man killed in Coxs Bazar gunfight

first_img.An accused of a rape case was killed in a reported gunfight with members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Kurushkul area of Sadar upazila of Cox’s Bazar early Tuesday, reports news agency UNB.The deceased was identified as Selim, 22.He was accused in several cases including a rape case filed in connection with a violating 3-year-old girl in the upazila on 23 August.Major Ruhul Amin, commanding officer of RAB-7, said that a team of RAB arrested Selim from Natun Fishery Ghat area adjacent to airport on Monday evening.Later, the team conducted a drive along with Selim in Kurushkul area around 2:00 am to arrest his associates and recover arms.When the team reached the spot, his associates opened fire on the elite force, prompting them to retaliate that triggered a gun fight.At one stage, Selim was caught in the line of fire and died on the spot while his associates managed to flee the scene.The law enforcers recovered a foreign pistol and a one-shooter gun.last_img read more

Skydiver jumps into a net from 25000 ft without a parachute seriously

first_img Advertisement 42 year-old Luke Aikins thinks parachutes fall into the “optional skydiving equipment” category.Last night in Simi Valley, California, Aikins successfuly skydived from 25,000 feet without using a parachute and landed in a net set up on the ground to catch him.Prior to the jump, event organizers lifted a restriction that would have required Aikins to at least wear a parachute for safety reasons (whatevs). The jump was broadcast on live TV and cheered by spectators who gathered to watch Aikins either land in the net or die a horrific death.Aikins nailed the jump, improbably landing safely in the massive net. Parachutes are totally overrated. Take a look at the incredible video.last_img read more

Agent incentives client savings with brand new Contiki SEVEN epic promotion

first_imgTags: Contiki, Promotions, Seven Wonders TORONTO — Contiki has kicked off its largest campaign of the year with the introduction of the Contiki SEVEN, a set of worldwide experiences handpicked by the youth adventure travel brand that will be promoted for the next 8 weeks.The campaign encourages young Canadians to experience their own version of the 7 Wonders of the World with Contiki.The company says the idea behind Contiki SEVEN came from a recent survey, conducted by the brand, which found that nearly 75% of millennial respondents from across Canada said they are planning to try new experiences in 2019, with over half saying that encountering new experiences was a deciding factor in their travels.From now through April 14, 2019, clients can save $250 off 28 of Contiki best-selling adventures.Agents will also be able to join in on the fun, with a chance to win prize packs throughout the campaign on the Contiki Canada Travel Agents Facebook page, plus entering to win a trip plus airfare and earning money as part of its revamped Contiki Rewards program.The first destination in the Contiki SEVEN spotlight, Thailand, takes the spotlight from Feb. 18 to March 3, 2019. During those two weeks, a selection of Contiki’s most popular trips that visit the ‘Land of Smiles’ will be on a limited time offer of $250. They include Big Indochina Adventure, Bangkok to Singapore Adventure, Munch Asia, Total Thailand, Total Thailand plus Thai Island Hopper West, Northern Thai Highlights and Thai Tripper North.More news:  Onex paying big to get WestJet and that will send airfares soaring, says CWTOver 250,000 Canadians visited Thailand in 2017 according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), and TAT expects total arrivals and revenue from the region to rise by 10%.That’s in line with numbers from young travellers, with Contiki Canada having seen a 26% year-over-year increase in bookings for its popular Thai Island Hopper West trip.Contiki has added more departures over the peak period in the western Thai islands, and for the first time, will be operating its highly popular Thai Island Hopper East trip in the winter months of December, January and February.With Contiki SEVEN agents will be able to turn every booking into a cash incentive. With the launch of the 2019 Contiki Rewards program, agents can earn $250 for every five passengers booked on any Contiki trips that are seven days or longer.For every additional 5 passengers booked, agents will receive another $250 in cash. Agents just need to fill out the ‘2019 Cash Incentive’ form, which can be downloaded at, and email it to will also be running a national contest asking participants to pick their seven favourite Contiki trips from the campaign, and in exchange will be giving one lucky Canadian winner one of their seven chosen trips for free, with airfare included.More news:  Transat calls Groupe Mach’s latest offer “highly abusive, coercive and misleading”This contest will run for the duration of the Contiki SEVEN campaign at, Contiki will be giving away destination themed prize packs through its Contiki Canada Travel Agent Facebook page. Throughout the campaign, there will be fun and engaging ways to enter and multiple prizes to be won. Agents are encouraged to check the Facebook group on a regular basis to see what Contiki is giving away and special spot prizing.The Contiki SEVEN campaign will run for a total of eight weeks, offering $250 off 28 of Contiki’s top trips, including:European MagicSimply ItalyRoad to CroatiaTaste of TanzaniaIrelandCambodia & Laos UncoveredInca PanoramaEuropean HorizonCape, Safari & FallsAsian AdventureEgypt & the NileMediterranean EscapeVietnam ExperienceGreek Island HoppingIsrael & Jordan UncoveredNorthern Choice (Auckland to Wellington)Spanish SpreeEastern TrailCroatia Island EscapeJapan UnrivalledPeruvian HighlightsScandinaviaThai Tripper SouthBest of Balkans (Start Budapest)Mediterranean HighlightsEuropean DiscoveryEngland & ScotlandBeaches and ReefsFor more information, agents can visit or speak with their local sales and business development manager.To check out Travelweek’s exclusive interview with Dave Marathakis, National Sales Manager for Contiki Canada, with his own top 7 picks for Thailand experiences – all available through Contiki – click here. Share Tuesday, February 19, 2019 Posted bycenter_img Agent incentives, client savings with brand new Contiki SEVEN epic promotion Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more