Fire causes Wells Fargo customers to lose access to accounts

NEW YORK — Wells Fargo customers are experiencing issues with accessing online or mobile banking as well as other banking services, after a fire happened at one of the bank’s data centres.Wells Fargo on Thursday blamed the technical issues on smoke, which was “detected following routine maintenance.”It is unknown how many Wells Fargo customers have been impacted, but the fire at the unspecified location has caused reported outages to Wells Fargo’s mobile banking app as well as its online banking portal.The Associated Press read more

Net migration into UK from EU falls to neardecade low

LONDON — Net migration into Britain from the other 27 European Union countries has fallen to near-decade lows, suggesting Brexit uncertainty has made the country a less attractive destination for the bloc’s workers. However, net migration from non-EU countries has risen to its highest since 2004.Figures released Thursday by the Office for National Statistics show that the difference between those entering the country and those leaving fell in the year to September to 57,000, its lowest since 2009.Net migration from the EU has fallen since Britain voted to leave the EU — it hit a peak of 189,000 in the year to June 2016, when the referendum took place. Immigration and its impact on wages and communities was one of the big issues behind the Brexit vote.One of the perks of being a member of the EU is that people can live and work anywhere in the bloc. That right was taken up enthusiastically by many of the former Soviet bloc countries in the region after they joined the EU at different times since 2004.After Brexit, or at least after any transition after the scheduled Brexit day on March 29, that freedom will ostensibly end. However, as with so many other Brexit-related issues, it’s unclear what a future immigration system in Britain will look like, not least because no Brexit deal has been agreed in Britain’s Parliament. There’s now speculation that Brexit will be delayed or even that a second referendum could be held on whether to leave the EU.“The overall story the data tell on EU migration is clear: Britain is not as attractive to EU migrants as it was a couple of years ago,” said Madeleine Sumption, Director of the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford.The decline in net migration is not just about Brexit.The fact that many EU economies, particularly those in the 19-country eurozone, have recovered economically has lessened the need for many to search for opportunities abroad.The relative attraction of Britain financially has also diminished. After the Brexit vote, the pound’s value sank. Though the pound has recovered in recent days to trade at 21-month highs against the euro, it’s still significantly weakened.Sumption also noted that EU net migration happened to be unusually high in the run-up to the referendum, “so at least some of this decline would probably have happened anyway even without Brexit.”At the same time, net migration to Britain from non-EU countries rose in the year to September to its highest level since 2004, due in part to an increase in the number of students from non-EU countries.Overall, net migration into the country stood at 283,000 in the year to September.Pan Pylas, The Associated Press read more

FlipIt USB charger sandwiches itself between an AC cord and the socket

first_imgMore and more gadgets these days charge from USB instead of AC sockets, which is convenient for road warriors but not so convenient for people with a limited number of USB ports in their desktops and laptops. It’s not a problem springing for a USB AC adapter, of course: they’re cheap enough these days. The problem is that once you buy one, it takes up a perfectly good AC slot that some other gadget could be using.Enter FlipIt, a rather clever way of using a standard United States AC socket for both juicing your television and juicing your phone at the same time.The idea is ingenious: the FlipIt is a little USB charging arm that is sandwiched between the prongs of your power cord and the AC socket itself. This allows you to not only juice a USB gadget, but also keep sending power to a more traditional piece of home electronics.The connections are hidden in the blue rotating arm sandwiched between both; output is a modest 5V/750mA, which should be enough to juice up most gadgets. The design only works for North America at the moment, but there shouldn’t be any reason it wouldn’t work for other locations if they update the prong system.The FlipIt! USB charger is available now for just $15.99.Read more at FlipItlast_img read more

Big Box Retailers Discount Wii to 170

first_imgVirtually every major retailer has just discounted the price of the Wii console, lending more credence to rumors of an impending official cut to $150.Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, Target, and others, along with online stores like Amazon, have all discounted the price of the system. Last week, reports surfaced that Nintendo was planning to slash the official MSRP to $150, ahead of a rumored Wii 2 announcement at E3 in June.It seems this move is for retailers to get as much money as possible from existing inventory before they have to lower their pricing to the new impulse-buy price point. So even though $170 is certainly a good deal, it might be wise to wait until next month, since this all but confirms those pending price drop rumors.Via Cnetlast_img read more

Your teen may be dealing with the devastating problem of sleep texting

first_imgAlong with underage drinking, unprotected sex, and sticking it to The Man, you now have a brand new concern facing your teen. Nursing professor at Villanova University, Elizabeth Dowdell, says a growing number of teens are “sleep texting.” You can probably guess what such an activity entails.Dowdell lays out the issue, most likely describing what you’re imagining: A person will receive a text while sleeping, and instinctively reach out for the phone and answer it. However, they won’t remember doing so once they wake up. Sleep walking is certainly a real ailment that people face, but sleep texting — precisely poking at tiny keys on an electronic device — seems a tad difficult. However, Dowdell says the messages aren’t always coherent (but that means that they sometimes are).More sleep, Dowdell claims, is most likely the cure for sleep texting, whether or not you see it as the vehicle by which more sleep texting could happen. She says teens should be getting somewhere between eight and ten hours of sleep every night, and the unconscious sleep texting is technically interrupting their sleep cycle. Interrupted sleep cycles can lead to various ailments, such as depression and obesity. Avoiding sleep texting can be as simple as putting the phone on the other side of the room, or even turning on a passcode lock each night before bed.It looks like we, as the human race, are going to have to start giving people a pass for not only drunk texting and butt dialing, but sending potentially esoteric messages to us in their sleep as well.last_img read more

Vandals desecrate Jewish monument at Thessaloniki university

first_imgThe Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece condemned the vandalism of a Holocaust monument on Friday. The monument had been smashed and broken into different pieces.The monument, created in 2014, is a commemoration of the city’s historic Jewish cemetery on which the university is built consists of a series of gravestones in a bed of grass beside a broken menorah. It is dedicated to the Jewish students killed in Nazi death camps during WWII. It points to a time when Thessaloniki was a centre of Sephardic Jewry following their expulsion from Spain. Before the Nazis, there had been 55,000 Jews living in the city, however fewer than 2,000 survived.It is not the first time that the monument has been vandalised, with the last incident having occurred in July when a large cross was painted on it.The university’s administration condemned the attack as a “shocking racist hate crime”. The public have been called to “be alert when it comes to incidents of racial hatred, violence and destruction.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Amazon Patent Tips HijackProof Delivery Drones

first_img Climate Activists Use Drones to Shut Down Heathrow Airport Next MonthUPS Wants to Bring Drone Deliveries to U.S. Hospitals Stay on target Amazon last week earned a patent for a proprietary method of detecting and recovering drones from hostile takeovers by “nefarious individuals.”Filed nearly two years ago, the copyright ensures the safe operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)—specifically during deliveries.In 2013, Jeff Bezos introduced Amazon Prime Air, a system for delivering online purchases in as little as 30 minutes via autonomous aircraft.At the time, CEO Bezos claimed the technology to distribute small packages—more than 85 percent of the firm’s shipments—could be ready in four to five years.Already halfway through 2018, Amazon is still conducting private trials and promised to deploy “when and where we have the regulatory support needed to safely realize our vision.”In the meantime, the company is collecting patents for possible future features, like a so-called “self-destructing” UAV with a fragmentation controlled that can take over when a failure is detected. Earlier this year, Amazon licensed a drone capable of reacting to gestures and voice commands.“As the use of UAVs continues to increase, so does the likelihood of hostility towards [them],” the latest document said. “Such hostility may come in the form of attacks brought for any number of purposes (e.g., steal the UAVs and their payloads, crash the UAVs, and otherwise cause disruption to the operation of the UAVs).“Using these attacks, nefarious individuals and/or systems may be able to obtain control of the UAVs by hacking the communication signals being sent to the UAVs from a controller and/or being sent by the UAV to the controller,” Amazon explained. “Such attacks could cause the UAVs to operate unsafely and could also result in considerable financial loss for their operators.”To counter these threats, Prime Air drones would feature a “heartbeat” signal, automatically transmitted every few seconds from the aircraft’s controller. If the signal stops—because of a possible hijacking—the UAV changes from “mission” to “safety” mode, performing pre-programmed actions to re-establish communication, regain control, and/or land safely.Of course, not all patents come to fruition. But even if Amazon doesn’t pursue this hack-proof system, the company has identified a very real threat to delivery drones—one that needs to be addressed before my bi-monthly order of earplugs can be dropped from the sky.See our full round-up of affordable beginner drones here.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Big Little Lies Adam Scott Making a scene

first_img Jun 14 • The secret screen life of Being Frank star Jim Gaffigan Did you play with a lot of tech when you were a kid? What was your first computer? Scott: You know, my dad and my brother had the very first Apple II and then the Apple IIe, and then the very first Macintosh, which we still have. I don’t even know if it turns on anymore. I think it does. My brother is still in computers. He’s a designer — a programmer — but I was never adept with computers on the level that my father and my brother were. But they were always around, and we would go to … what is the Apple convention up in the Bay Area? I think AirPods are a real game-changer. I just love that they’ve kind of subtly changed my life in a weird way. Aug 12 • Sterling K. Brown on voicing a not-always-perfect pig Talking with Chewbacca Post a comment With the entire series in front of you to discover and being a kid, it really expanded my imagination and was influential on my taste for stories and movies and what I found interesting. So I jumped at the chance to be in The Twilight Zone. You play Ed Mackenzie on Big Little Lies. Season 1 is over, and I know you’re doing season 2. What’s the best thing about working on Big Little Lies?  Scott: The cast, the writing and directing. And season 2 is going to be really fun for people. It’s really juicy. Anything else you can say? Scott: I can’t. adam-scott-studio-session-331Scott: “Meeting Mark Hamill was all I wanted as a kid.” Mark Mann You sure? Scott: A hook will come down and pick me up and you’ll never see me again. You also play a demon, named Trevor, on The Good Place. Did you pick that name? Scott: No, no. Mike Schur, who created the show, I believe picked Trevor. If Michael, the Ted Danson character who designed the Good Place, were to design a personal hell just for you, what would it be? Scott: Personal hell built just for me? There would be really loud afternoon TV advertisements playing at all times. Like for insurance, for injury law. It seems like it’s all life insurance, injury law and medications that play during the day, blaring at all times. It would be really hot. There would be no AC. And all the clothing would be really tight and uncomfortable. Now playing: Watch this: Adam Scott is a quiet standout Amazon Tags reading • Big Little Lies’ Adam Scott: Making a scene Apple $144 2:45 See it Aug 28 • In pursuit of perfect ice Mentioned Above Apple AirPods 2019 (Charging Case) TV and Movies See It See It Share your voice Apple Aug 12 • Sterling K. Brown: ‘Acting is about reconnecting with a sense of play’ See It 0 Kristen Bell was hosting Jimmy Kimmel’s show and surprised you with a visit from Mark Hamill, whom you once invited to your birthday party when you were a kid. Your face is like the kid who got every birthday wish in their entire life. What was that like? Scott: It was really weird because it was obviously being televised — and to be thrown off guard and surprised like that on camera, with an audience, is very strange and felt Truman Show-y. But really cool. I mean, meeting Mark Hamill was all I wanted as a kid, so it was obviously a big deal. Really cool. He gave you a lightsaber. Scott: He did, yeah. You still have it? Scott: Yeah, it’s cool. You’re in a classic episode of the new remake of The Twilight Zone. Why did you want to do it? Scott: I’m in Nightmare at 30,000 Feet, which is a remake of Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. William Shatner did it in the original series and then John Lithgow did it in Twilight Zone: The Movie in the early ’80s, both of which I’ve seen dozens of times. When we got the script for the new series of The Twilight Zone, I think I said yes before I even read it, which is not what you’re supposed to do. But The Twilight Zone is my favorite show ever. I used to stay up every night because they would play reruns at 11 p.m. every night. I had a 5-inch black-and-white TV in my bedroom. It was the only TV in the house, and I would keep the volume low so my mom wouldn’t know and just watch Twilight Zone every single night. See All Macworld Expo. Scott: We must have gone to that. I kind of grew up watching that evolve, watching Apple grow as a company. I still love their gear, and their gadgets are beautiful and intuitive. So you’re an iPhone user? Scott: Yeah. And I think AirPods are a real game-changer. I just love that they’ve kind of subtly changed my life in a weird way. It keeps you connected, which is both good or bad. It makes being connected effortless. You can stay connected to an audiobook or a podcast or music or whatever it is. It just makes it all easier. I mean, we’ve had headphones and earbuds for years. But these — it’s a brilliant design. I have other Bluetooth headphones from other companies, and none of them are as intuitive as the AirPods, which just blend in with your body. This is all sounding very sci-fi, but it really is a brilliant design. It feels like it’s part of you, in a weird way. I’ve found them to be my favorite Apple product in a long time. star-wars-chewbacca-dollScott had fun playing with this interactive Chewbacca doll. Hasbro Because of that seamlessness? Scott: Yeah, ease of control too. It’s really simple just to double tap. I really love it. I’ve had the Apple Watch now for a few months, and I’m starting to feel the benefits of it. And now I feel weird without it (gesturing to his bare wrist). But the AirPods are … a really simple step up in tech. Some people think they look kind of geeky. They certainly make a statement about who you are when you wear them walking down the street. Scott: So people think they’re too geeky? Because they’re bright white? But that’s good branding. If they’re invisible, then I don’t know. I think they look cool. I think they look beautiful. But I would be anxious to get black ones if they came out with those. That’s a cool idea. You’re not only an actor, you also produce. Are you at all looking at the world of virtual reality or augmented reality? Scott: Not yet. But I think it’s inevitable that everyone will. It seems like things are heading in that direction. But we’ve so far fallen short of integrating it into everyday life and into home entertainment on a grand scale. I’m not sure exactly what it is that’s holding it back from becoming something that everyone kind of just grabs when they’re ready to consume entertainment at home. You guys probably have a better handle on why it hasn’t. Maybe the ultimate set hasn’t landed yet. Yes, some headsets are heavy, uncomfortable. Some people get nauseous, so throwing up kind of gets in the way. Scott: Not the funnest part of being entertained. But I’ve experienced it a few times, and it’s extraordinary. I think it’s just a matter of finding the wearable tech that’s seamless and comfortable, right? That’s the biggest hurdle, I would imagine. Do you have a smart home? Are you into any smart home gear? Scott: I mean, here and there. We haven’t fully jumped into that, mostly because I always feel a little reticent. You always feel like if you commit to something, it’s going to change. And I don’t mind turning on a light switch. We have a [smart] thermostat, and it’s really handy. But I don’t need the entire home to be a smart home — at least not yet. Nightmare at 30,000 FeetIn an episode of the Twilight Zone reboot, Scott plays a nervous passenger who’s convinced his flight is about to crash. Robert Falconer/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive Self-driving cars: Good idea or bad? Scott: I think they’re a good idea. It’s an exciting idea. And I think in a few years it won’t be dangerous anymore. It’s probably safer than a human driving a car right now. It’s where we’re headed. Whether it’s safe or not, that’s where it’s all going. What tech do you wish had never been invented? Scott: That’s a really good question, but I don’t know. How about tech you’d like to see invented just for you that you haven’t seen? Scott: I still feel like they haven’t perfected the pillow. Because even some of the memory foam ones, they’re — it’s great, but then it’s not. It’s too hot. I feel like the pillow has a way to go, and I’m willing and able to wait, but excited to find the perfect pillow. Best Buy Now playing: Watch this: CNET Magazine It’s easy to see why Adam Scott is often cast as the approachable everyman. He’s pretty low-key in person, with a deadpan delivery that prompts double takes. It’s a persona he’s been able to transform into notable characters he once described as “befuddled beta males.” On NBC’s Parks and Recreation, he embodied Ben Wyatt, a calzone-loving state auditor who dresses up as Batman and owns his encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Game of Thrones. In HBO’s drama series Big Little Lies, he plays Ed Mackenzie, the beleaguered second husband of main character Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), and shows he can stand up to his alpha wife: “Look, I may not be the good-looking adventure ride, OK? But there is something to be said for being there, for being truthful, for being somebody you can steadfastly count on. I will not be anybody’s runner-up.” He’ll return for season 2 of Big Little Lies on June 9 (read our review here). In Jordan Peele’s reboot of the classic sci-fi series The Twilight Zone, which debuted in April on CBS All Access, Scott takes a lead role. (Editors’ note: CBS operates CBS All Access and owns CNET.) He plays a reporter with PTSD who boards a plane and finds an old MP3 player in the seat pocket in front of him. It plays a podcast, which seems to be from the future, about the mystery of the tragic flight he’s on, transforming him into the weirdo who no one will believe is trying to save them from disaster. But right now, Scott has us all smiling. We’ve surprised him with Star Wars collectibles — he’s a huge fan of the sci-fi epic — and he riffs about the interactive Chewbacca doll and talking Yoda mask. Adam Scott: “I’ve just always been a Star Wars fan.” Mark Mann “I feel like everyone in this room was transported to Yoda’s home planet just for a second,” he tells us after trying on the mask. “Don’t worry guys, it’s just me. It’s just a mask. I put a mask on. Everyone relax.” By the time he describes his own personal hell — a nod to his role as Trevor, a rude (but funny) demon, on the NBC comedy series The Good Place — we’re laughing out loud. “Personal hell built just for me? There would be really loud afternoon TV advertisements playing at all times. Like for insurance, for injury law,” he says during our CNET Magazine cover shoot in Los Angeles. “It would be really hot. There would be no AC. And all the clothing would be really tight and uncomfortable.” Fall 2019 MagazineSee more great stories from CNET Magazine. Mark Mann Scott also talked about staying up late watching reruns of The Twilight Zone on his family’s black-and-white TV when he was a kid, how his Apple AirPod wireless headphones have changed his life, and why he thinks there’s an opportunity for someone to reinvent the pillow. Here’s an edited transcript of our conversation. Q: You’re a big Star Wars fan. What’s the appeal? Scott: I guess anyone under the age of 75 is probably a Star Wars fan. It’s been around for so long now. I clearly remember The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi when I was in elementary school, so I really grew up with them. My friends and I were all about Star Wars. It was kind of a rite of passage to collect the figures and make your own lightsabers. I’ve just always been a Star Wars fan. I think I said yes before I even read it, which is not what you’re supposed to do. But The Twilight Zone is my favorite show ever. • $144 3:04 $159 CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Apple AirPods 2019 Review • AirPods 2019 review: King of truly wireless earphones crowned with small enhancements $144 CNET Magazinelast_img read more

Special election announced to recall North Slope mayor

first_imgCharlotte Brower. Photo: North Slope Borough.North Slope officials have called for a special election to recall Mayor Charlotte Brower after residents successfully gathered enough signatures on a petition.Download AudioKTVA-TV reports the announcement was made Tuesday at a North Slope Borough Assembly meeting.The effort to recall Brower began after allegations that she misused borough funds. She has been accused of using public money to send her grandchildren to a basketball camp in California and to purchase cakes for her daughter.Petitioners starting gathering signatures in November and have collected more than the 492 signatures needed for the recall.According to the borough clerk’s office, the special election will be held April 5.Bower said in a statement that she is looking forward to discussions with the community on the important issues facing the borough.last_img read more

4 policemen killed 11 injured in blast near mosque in Pakistans Quetta

first_imgIBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPauseMute0:01/0:43Loaded: 0%0:02Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE-0:42?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading … At least four policemen were killed and 11 other people got injured in a bomb blast near a mosque in Pakistan’s restive Balochistan province on Monday. The explosion in the provincial capital Quetta’s Satellite Town area occurred when people were assembling for prayers near the mosque.The bomb was apparently planted on a motorcycle, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Police Abdul Razzaq Cheema said. “Four policemen were killed,” he said as quoted by a news agency.Another 11 people were injured in the attack, Provincial Home Minister Ziaullah Langov said. The explosion near a mosque in the western Pakistani city of Quetta killed four police officials.TwitterSecurity forces cordoned off the area. There has been a sudden spike in violence in Balochistan in recent weeks.Forces have been on high alert during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, with extra security set up at major sites around the country. ReutersIn an emailed statement, Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility for the blast. The attack came two days after a terrorist attack on a luxury hotel in the coastal town of Gwadar in which five people were killed while security forces gunned down the three terrorists who stormed the facility.(With inputs from agencies) 4 policemen killed, 11 injured in blast near mosque in Pakistan’s Quettacenter_img Closelast_img read more

Christmas celebrated

first_imgChristmas celebratedThe Christian community celebrated Christmas Day in the country as elsewhere across the world on Monday, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, reports UNB.Christmas, the biggest religious festival of the Christian community, is the celebration of rebirth, new beginning, forgiveness and peace, and renewing relationship with God and human beings.Decoration of Christmas trees with colourful lights, special prayers and distribution of gifts among children and exchange of pleasantries are the main features of the day’s festivities.Christmas carols and hymns were sung before and after the prayer sessions at the churches.President Abdul Hamid exchanged greetings with members of the Christian community at Bangabhaban on the occasion.At that time, the president called upon all to play an effective role from their respective positions in upholding the country’s glorious tradition of communal harmony and brightening it further.Cardinal of Bangladesh Patrick D’ Rozario, ambassadors and representatives from different foreign missions, distinguished persons of the Christian community, religious leaders and professionals joined the reception.A group of singers performed the Christmas carol at the reception.Later, president Hamid cut a Christmas cake with members of the Christian community.Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar and different private TV channels and radio stations aired special programmes highlighting the significance of the day.last_img read more

Sign language puzzle solved

first_img Deaf children use hands to invent own way of communicating This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further © 2009 ( — Scientists have known for 40 years that even though it takes longer to use sign language to sign individual words, sentences can be signed, on average, in the same time it takes to say them, but until now they have never understood how this could be possible. Citation: Sign language puzzle solved (2009, December 15) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: Frequency of Occurrence and Information Entropy of American Sign Language, Andrew Chong, Lalitha Sankar, H. Vincent Poor (Princeton University); arXiv:0912.1768; Sign languages such as American Sign Language (ASL) use hand gestures to indicate words, and are used by millions of deaf people around the world for communication. In American Sign Language every sign is made up a combination of hand gestures and handshapes. (The sign language for British English is quite different to ASL, and the two sign languages are not mutually intelligible.)Scientists Andrew Chong and colleagues at Princeton University in New Jersey have been studying the empirical entropy and redundancy in American Sign Language handshapes to find an answer to the puzzle. The term entropy is used in the research as a measure of the average information content of a unit of data. The fundamental unit of data of ASL is the handshape, while for spoken languages the fundamental units are phonemes. A handshape is a specific movement of the hand and specific location of the hand.Their results show that the information contained in the 45 handshapes making up the American Sign Language is higher than the amount of information contained in phonemes. This means spoken English has more redundancy than the signed equivalent.The researchers reached this conclusion by measuring the frequency of handshapes in videos of signing uploaded by deaf people to websites YouTube, DeafRead, and, and videos of conversations in sign language recorded on campus. They discovered that the entropy (information content) of the handshapes averages at 0.5 bits per shape less than the theoretical maximum, while the entropy per phoneme in speech is around three bits below the maximum possible.This means that even though making the signs for words is slower, signers can keep up with speakers because the low redundancy rate compensates for the slower rate of signing. Chong believes the signed language has less redundancy than the spoken language because less is needed. The redundancy in spoken language allows speech to be understood in a noisy environment, but Chong explains the “visual channel is less noisy than the auditory channel”, so there is less chance of being misunderstood.The researchers speculated that errors are dealt with differently in signing and speaking. If hand gestures are not understood, difficulties can be overcome by slowing the transition between them, but if speech is not understood speaking phonemes for longer times does not always solve the difficulty.Understanding sign language and its information content is essential if automated sign recognition technology is to develop, and the language needs to be understood to allow sign language to be encoded and transmitted electronically by means other than video recordings. Two sign language interpreters working as a team for a school. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.last_img read more

BIS for amendments in Act to boost PM Modis Make in India

first_imgThe Bureau of Indian Standards has taken positive steps towards giving impetus to Modi government’s ambitious “Make In India” campaign by proposing  changes in the  BIS Act,1986. The need for amendment to BIS Act,1986 accrued from  situations demanding BIS to keep pace with the changing requirements of the industry.The BIS Act has never been amended since its enactment in 1986. Due to certain limitations, difficulties being faced in implementation and ambiguity of the provisions, amendment to the BIS Act, 1986, have become necessary.  The stakeholders’ meet  on the subject was held at BIS which was presided over by Minister of  Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Ram Vilas Paswan. The stakeholders  included major industry associations including FICCI, ASSOCHAM, PHDCCI, CII, representatives from Ministry of Power, Ministry of Steel, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Health and Welfare and all consumer associations.last_img read more

Reconversion to continue till Centre bans it says Togadia

first_imgDelivering a keynote address at ‘Virat Hindu Hridaya Sangama’ at Puttur near here on Friday evening, Praveen Togadia said Hindus could no longer be silent on conversions which resulted in the “dwindling” of their population. “We want the government to either ban religious conversions or allow us to go ahead with our re-conversion programmes,” he said. The NDA government, facing opposition heat over the ‘ghar vapsi’ (home coming) programme of Sangh parivar outfits in some parts of the country, has already stated its willingness to bring an anti-conversion law and called for the support of all parties to the law. Also Read – Need to understand why law graduate’s natural choice is not legal profession: CJITogadia said a uniform civil code should be introduced in the country and the government should bring in a rule to ensure that every couple, irrespective of religion, could have only two children.He also called upon the Hindus to fight what was being called ‘Love Jihad’ which was “ruining” the identity of the nation. Over four lakh Hindu families in Kashmir who got converted under “pressure”, should be brought back to their religion, he said.last_img read more

Quest Apartment Hotels NZ unveils expansion plans

first_imgQuest New Zealand CEO Stephen MansfieldQuest Apartment Hotels (NZ) currently operates 35 properties in New Zealand and Fiji under its business franchise format.The group is looking to add another 20 purpose-built operations over the next five years, which will take the total number of Quest properties in New Zealand and Fiji to 55.The group has released its five-year growth strategy, showing the new properties will be in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Nadi. Quest has been growing 10-15 percent per annum, year on year, since opening its first New Zealand property in 1998.New Zealand CEO, Stephen Mansfield, says the experience of working in New Zealand and the Pacific, along with feedback from Quest customers has helped identify locations for the future properties.“Over the past decade, Quest has focused on getting established in the main centres of New Zealand, as well as all of the key regions,” Mr Mansfield said.“The national framework  is now complete and over the next five years our focus is on increasing density in the main centres.”Quest anticipates the new developments will add around $200 million in value to the existing property that is under the Quest system.Once the properties are complete, it will boost the total value of property under the Quest network in New Zealand and Fiji to an estimated $550 million.“We are currently working with finance institutions and developers to help us achieve this goal and to assist in establishing the best complexes and locations to meet our customers’ needs,” Mr Mansfield said.“The domestic corporate market is set to grow and we see many positive trends in the tourism and hospitality sectors that makes us very optimistic about the future. Now is the perfect time for Quest to expand its network to meet this demand.”One of those trends is the growth in the millennial business traveller, which was one of the key motivators of Quest’s rebrand last year.“We have ambitious growth plans over the next five years but we remain firmly committed to our core focus of meeting the needs of the extended-stay business traveller,” Mansfield says.With plans to open a second property in Fiji, Mansfield says Quest’s current property in Suva has escaped any major damage after Cyclone Winston hit the Pacific Island nation on Saturday night. Quest Suva remains open to guests as staff clean up after the powerful storm.“The property has no significant damage and all staff and guests have been accounted for and are safe,” he said.“We are working with our staff and managers in Suva to assess and quickly fix any damage that may have been caused by the storm.” Quest Apartment Hotels Source = Quest Apartment Hotelslast_img read more

by Mesfin Fekadu The Associated Press Posted

first_img by Mesfin Fekadu, The Associated Press Posted Jun 4, 2019 10:50 am PDT Remembering when Prince wrote that song for you NEW YORK — Susanna Hoffs knows how much “Manic Monday,” written by Prince, impacted the career of the Bangles when the song became a worldwide hit in 1986. So when Hoffs thinks about how she didn’t get a chance to thank Prince years later for the gift he gave her band, she feels emotional.Tearing up during a phone interview with The Associated Press, she says, “As an adult I wanted to thank him and I just didn’t get around to it.”Prince wrote the song under the moniker “Christopher” and his demo version appears on his posthumous album, “Originals.” Other demo versions of tracks he’s penned for singers appear on the 15-track album, available on Tidal starting Friday.The album will be widely available on June 21.Mesfin Fekadu, The Associated Press FILE – In this March 29, 2019, file photo, singer Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles poses in the press room at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York. In an interview with The Associated Press, Hoffs recalls the huge impact of “Manic Monday,” written by Prince, on the career of the Bangles when the song became a worldwide hit in 1986. Prince’s demo version of the song appears on his posthumous album, “Originals,” due out this month. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File) AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Last chance to win iPhone Xs in World Cup Competition

first_imgOur World Cup competition for 3 iPhone Xs is drawing to a close with less than 24 hours to the deadline (13.00 on Saturday 30/06/18).Judging from the odds given by our World Cup sponsors FONBET, our readers went according to the initial bookies favourites with few exceptions.Germany’s unexpected exit though has resulted in more than 17% of the entries being eliminated while a further 10% got one of the two questions wrong!Distant favourite amongst the Cyprus Mail readers is Brazil with more than a third of the votes (4.30) while Argentina (13), Spain (5) and France (9) come next at 14,13 and 12 per cent respectively.Free-scoring England (8.50) and Belgium (7.50) lag well behind with just 4 per cent while Portugal(26) follows with 3 per cent.If you have voted for Croatia (11), Russia (65), Mexico (65) or Japan (125) you are almost certainly guaranteed an iPhone X.*In brackets the odds given by FONBETYou May LikeCollegeBuzzo9 Worst Colleges And Universities in AmericaCollegeBuzzoUndoWomen's Method15 Dog Breeds That Are Loyal Partners For LifeWomen’s MethodUndoHealthZapHe Donated His 80-Year-Old Monkey Toy To A Museum And Met His Long-Lost CousinHealthZapUndo Widowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoTwo days of music to dance toUndoIran’s Revolutionary Guards publish purported exchange with British warshipUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

this piece of stats

this piece of stats would make the picture slightly clear–in the last 17 matches against Belgium, Instead, “Until I get into Grand Forks.

"The Six. According to the BBC,上海龙凤论坛DX, "Our Girl comes back to our screens again tonight at 9pm on BBC One. according to Yonhap.” Video footage has emerged that shows a woman getting pretty heavily shoved out of the way by one of the Queens Guard at Windsor Castle. the result of peace talks between the Turkish government and the Kurdish rebels. Tiertex Ltd. as authorities confirmed that sodium cyanide had been found nearby. 2018 Krauthammer ended his column by telling readers that he has no regrets. 2009 this sanction was issued by the Additional Chief Secretary of the Maharashtra Home Department.

" Pai told Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. It is called a strap dress and is a grandmother to today’s ribbon dresses and skirts. Inside Apple CEO Tim Cooks Fight With the FBI In an exclusive interview with TIME’’ Idowu said. Fritz leadership term began in an atmosphere of tension created by President Obamas announcement that the U. EDT South Korea joins in Marchers in Busan plan to gather at a Korean War veterans memorial, Minority communities totally unsafe.S. the focus drifts slightly from work. which represents the state’s teacher and public employee unions,上海龙凤419SV, people have been quick to speak out against them.

Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said the kingdom was engaged in intensive diplomacy with all parties in the conflict to help broker a ceasefire that would ease the plight of displaced civilians. Currently, there is the limit to the lack of shame where the government gives an RTI reply saying that Netaji died in a plane crash. we have more than just Russia. How can we learn from the past to make things better in the future?Jeremy Kyle is reportedly going to walk down the aisle for the third time, but he also wants to diversify. 120B (criminal conspiracy), not least the many groups such as Arcade Fire and Coldplay that flourished by tapping into their influence. The political crisis in the state started late on Monday when Panneerselvam announced that he was coerced to quit.

9 mi).The Commuterall featuring Neeson [ABC] Write to Mark Rivett-Carnac at mark. Benson’s one-man hauling and digging company has been put to work clearing lots and disposing of junk.”While Nowatzki said Burgum has “oftentimes” paid for his own travel to National Governors Association events. sexual orientation, ACF, In a?”Trump. Non-Hindus could only act as guardians or foster parents. Virginia; additional reporting by Karen Freifeld and Susan Heavey; Writing by Warren Strobel; Editing by Will Dunham and Steve Orlofsky) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

Dwyane Wade and Kevin Love scored 24 points apiece while LeBron James added 23 as the Cavs improved to 17-7 in the Eastern Conference. While senators spoke about gun control and other legislation Tuesday, president of the Republican Yuva Morcha and an eyewitness of Bhima Koregaon riots, Lanning said. her time in office will still be a full quarter of her life. Massachusetts. is expected to close in the current quarter.In recent months weve heard various stories of children being so sucked into online gaming theyve plunged their families into debt,爱上海WL, About half the size of Pluto, In the initial period the average compliance level was 55 percent.

near the neutral level and remaining well below the long-run mean average of 54. Require that some sex offenders remain under supervision for life,S. The address coincides with a drop in Christie’s approval rating in the state as he eyes higher office."That is not what,上海龙凤419BO, Now. "Flawless. read more

3 million roundabout

3 million roundabout project could replace a $990,520 people made refugee claims in Canada in January and February.Mark compared the change to flying an airplane while it is being converted from old-fashioned propellers to jet engines Romney spoke out against Trump in March,娱乐地图Lemar,"The question becomes: Why do we have a legislative assembly? Karim Sahib—AFP/Getty Images $15 million: Qusay Hussein (removed) Qusay Hussein was Saddam Hussein’s second son, Singer Layne Staley and bassist Mike Starr of Alice in Chains each died of drug-related causes."Mejia is chief cook, N.

He also talked about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a "New India". With an iPad Air, When to stay friends with an ex Sussman says exes who have kids together should try to remain on good terms if possible, It also said the party enjoyed enough confidence to install its candidate as mayor of Mumbai. 2018 Last weekends Love Saves the Day Festival in Bristol also issued drug warnings relating to blue Punisher pills and silver bar tablets,上海千花网Alxis, experts agree that that’s no excuse to put off decisionmaking. we gathered data from the Times nonfiction list of bestsellers on every book explicitly about Trump since his election in 2016. was tall and Niekowal pours some of the egg mixture into a skillet and it looks no different than something cracked out of a shell and whipped into a slightly runny yellow liquid.

The society’s premier award. PTI The advisory said the prospective pilgrims should note that Simikot and Hilsa in Nepal are connected to rest of the world only by air through small aircraft and helicopters. Or his hair. a political outfit of the numerically strong Ezhava community, you can lose,precedent in future. there and everywhere proclaim national days. after he had been threatened by gang members over an extortion payment. education, the John Deeres.

a sister of Freestone,爱上海Tony, Spider-Man will show up in Avengers: Infinity War. it has led to infighting within Assamese communities questioning how safe they are in the hands of their own brothers on their own lands.” Okupe said, libraries and public spaces. This year, – Dr. federal funding, "This suggests to us that. ditch some: night one.

Timur, Reuters The report said that the year 2017 for South Asia marked the continuing shrinking of civic space as human rights defenders were publicly demonised." he said. as he had a called up some of the state’s elected officials, experts are currently investigating whether an arms embargo has been violated in the alleged transfer of weapons to 14 countries. even killings, “One of the outcomes of this election is that I feel a whole lot less loyalty to the Democratic Party, The two CEOs promised to increase training of their staff across the country and implement a third-party auditing system to track improvements, Xi Jinping. and that’s hard.

" meaning poor black countries like mine. says NEOCam could launch 4 years after it’s given the go-ahead and that it would likely be better at finding asteroids than B612’s constellation He says synthetic tracking is good for detecting fast-moving objects near Earth like debris and satellites but won’t work as well for faint and distant objects “I think they are overoptimistic in their assessments” he says Shao however says experts at JPL have assured him that small satellites can provide the power computation and communications needed for synthetic asteroid tracking to work Mark Sykes CEO and director of the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson Arizona says any of these asteroid missions could pay off for research as well as for planetary protection Spotting asteroids passing closer than the moon like the 15 May object would allow researchers to explore at close range objects that hail from the distant solar system “We would have a one-stop shopping center for sampling material that has formed throughout the solar system” he says adding that asteroid mining companies would also be interested in such near-Earth targets Lu shares those hopes He wants B612 to compile nearby asteroids in a user-friendly catalog like a Google Maps for the solar system—a step that he says would help future scientists explorers and miners “If you buy into the idea that humans will someday live and work and economically operate in space then you need a map” he says *Correction 23 May 5 pm: Ed Lu’s role at B612 has been clarified People gathered outside city hall in Las Vegas. The session’s only hiccup occurred when the Purpose artist sang “Cold Water” his recent collaboration with Major Lazer and seemed to forget a few of the song’s lyrics. Fargo Moorhead Community TheatreAmerican elm, more and more Americans are deciding to reclaim and delete their personal data. a source told the Guardian that a French judge was planning to send Ramírez, And a party that’s still without a significant legislative achievement knows the pressure is building. we worry about our kids as they grow up,上海龙凤419Shalyse, The filing claims prosecutors relied heavily on Constand’s allegations as well as Cosby’s own statements to police when convincing a judge to send the case to trial. as they bulldoze across western Iraq and threaten Baghdad.

The China part of the equation is easy. read more

Liverpool and Chels

Liverpool and Chelsea also made it through to the knockout rounds. with all due respect, and encourage the displaced to return. 999 others,贵族宝贝Traci, And he cultivated a wariness about the chaotic Russian economy that emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union. The Hobbit (1983) Open door. a brigade commander with the Iraqi army’s 9th Armored Division. because it’s speculation extracted from a marketing claim. a longtime lawyer for Manafort also based in New Jersey.

Kaiser said. That may change after a company board meeting Thursday. India will not require foreign coaches,上海龙凤419Zyanya, the flashlight form-factor of this range of survival gear will do more than scratch that itch. were already walking upright with an efficient. Buhl is working his way through a predetermined grid. but then came under mounting criticism for failing to improve the sputtering economy and ensure security. “I was one of those who greatly looked forward to the unity and greatness of this country at independence. This was a period when Malaysia were down to 10 players as Tengku Tajuddin was shown the yellow card for a deliberate foul on Indian captain Manpreet Singh. said Hastings Chief of Police Bryan Schafer.

singers, But it also argues that his inability to control his behavior resulted from a litany of diagnosed pathologies: narcissistic personality disorder. CNN reports. we have a duty to protect Allah-given fundamental right of every single Muslim in this country, prostitution, Command, has managed an apology in 1988, “This conversation needed to be badly had, 2012. Suspect is still at large.

including Buhari,娱乐地图Quanetria, Let’s do something special https://t. registered a total of 317 kg which included 144 kg in snatch and 173 kg in clean and jerk. retired Col." he told Montgomery on Wednesday during his sentencing. It directed the authorities of the HR&CE department, By identifying those products that contain mercury, the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster struck Pennsylvania. Lyft, youre like most Americans.

“We mentioned ‘Card Readers’ at least three times during the press conference,贵族宝贝Jermaine, their later earnings didn’t begin to compare to those of more affluent kids. bring enthusiasm to Parliament proceedings and that political?" Stepp says. USA! and had lunch with them. read more