The introduction of the province to implement the views of the public service sector to promote coop

to allow the masses to enjoy the high quality and efficient public services, recently, the provincial financial report to the provincial government issued on the promotion of public services in the field of government and social capital cooperation model.

"opinions" clear, according to the regional economic and social development, select a relatively high degree of marketization, the project price adjustment mechanism flexible, large investment, long-term stability of the project needs. Focus on energy, transportation, water conservancy, municipal utilities, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, health care, human resources and social security, pension, education, culture, tourism and other public services. To create a new PPP project, according to project life cycle, pricing mechanism, investment income, risk allocation framework and government investment measures, reasonable choice of build – operate – transfer (BOT), build own operate (BOO), build own operate transfer (BOOT) etc.. On the local government financing platform stock project, the active use of transfer – operation – transfer (TOT), reconstruction – operation – transfer (ROT) and other ways to transform into PPP projects, the introduction of social capital to participate in the transformation and operation of the project.

the "opinions" strict project identification, according to the project in the development of regional economy and society, has the guiding effect, select the relatively large scale of investment, social capital accounted for a relatively high project to promote the use of the PPP model in this area. The project can be sustained and stable cash flow through the franchise fees, government subsidies, project operating income and other means, give priority to social needs long-term stability, mainly by user fees, fees to cover the investment cost of the project. During the whole life cycle management to promote the PPP project at the same time, in order to establish a new system as the basis and policy support to support policies to protect the system from prominent, perfecting the management system, simplify the project approval process, improve the land, taxation, price, finance, risk control, supervision system and other policies to promote the protection of clear PPP project measures and requirements.

is currently in our province has a selection of 66 with a total investment of 109 billion 300 million yuan to implement the project according to the PPP model, the East Sea area of Ledu city sewage treatment plant project, Xining City concentrated sludge harmless treatment project, Haidong city children medical center project has been signed according to the PPP model into the implementation phase; Xining city rail transit project, the East Sea comprehensive pipe gallery project, city water supply projects in the eastern city of group according to the program being carried out preparatory work.


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