Month: May 2017

Tea shop to enhance operating profit coup

can be said to be drinking tea is a traditional diet culture Chinese, the tea has a long history, has its own unique culture! So now the tea market is very hot, very investment advantages! So for franchisees, open a tea shop how to improve the operating profit?

1, consider what kind of promotion

should take what way discount, this is a lot of stores are often ignored, you do what is tea shop promotion theme, why do promotions, simply because the price discount does not increase consumer purchase motivation and frequency. Therefore, the way to adjust the promotion, stimulating consumption is the most important. read more

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What is the value of entrepreneurial failure

entrepreneurial failure is also valuable, then, what is the value? I believe we see the success of entrepreneurs are not overnight, the failure of the venture is not nothing, the following share of the entrepreneurial story, I hope to be able to dispel doubts.

18 years ago, Nankai University professor Zhang Yuli first visit to the United states. In a visit to the center for entrepreneurship at Brigham Young University-Provo, a professor said: "it is impossible to do business in China, one of the important reasons is that in China, failure is considered a shameful act." read more

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How to open tea shop decoration shop

tea industry is evergreen industry, attracting many people venture capital. If you want to invest in a tea shop, then how to decorate the store must be within the scope of your thinking. How to create a full featured decoration program? You can come and learn.

Several decorative elements

tea shop shelves counter is mainly: 1, generous, smooth lines, should generally be made of wood, can be painted imitation mahogany, also can use varnish made of wood color, it can embody the harmonious unity of more than tea, also can do some curio where a small bookcase to put tea and tea book, the conditions can be a square table or table to use tea. read more

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How to improve the comprehension ability of medical equipment investment personnel

some friends will open some medical equipment stores, if opened this shop you want business is good, it is very important to the investment staff, marketing staff understanding ability, determine to a large extent can stand out in the multitude of strong marketing force a marketing staff, has achieved remarkable the sales performance and play space. Here’s a look at xiaobian.

without understanding, personal growth and marketing play will become the source of water, without trees. How to comprehend the ability of medical personnel? Ability to understand the marketing staff of medical mettle of this foundation, the foundation for development, marketing staff only with a strong understanding, can in the increasingly intense and complex market competition, insight into the current affairs, and maintaining the status quo. read more

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The cactus grafted cactus is very considerable income

grafting is a currently very common, have been used in many plants, the cactus is also can be grafted, and the finished product is very good, everyone to buy fashion, a young man to study his grafting grafting cactus is now very good, business is also very fire.

"is my most love one of the Lunar New Year flower, very festive, but also very easy to survive." A group of flower city farmer friends told reporters, "but the real beauty is in Zygocactus cactus after grafting." Small plants during, and in the cactus after grafting can be molded into a basin of large plants, and even the formation of an umbrella, more ornamental.

1. choose green robust, no pests and diseases of Zygocactus seedlings, cut the top section of the 2-4 annual branches as scion (in plant grafting operation, used to collectively grafted scion buds on the branches, sub health organization the). Then the blade from the bottom off about 1/4, with a white xylem can be. read more

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Suitable for hot pot to open a lot of stores

Chinese the delicacy is many, in which a Hot pot is very popular and has a very high demand, people love to eat China Hot pot is very delicacy products on the market Hot pot shop is also very much, as an entrepreneur, to open a Hot pot stores is not wrong Hot pot stores, is a very good project to get rich! But open a hot pot franchise, how should the site? The following small series to introduce some suitable for the hot pot to open a lot of stores!

should consider the factors such as economic development level, cultural and educational impact, market competition situation, planning location characteristics, and the advantages of the hardware and software environment. The first principle is to determine the service object. To combine the location of the hot pot restaurant, to determine the appropriate facilities and equipment, and then choose their own operating grades, in determining the varieties of hot pot; second to implement the principle of proximity. In other words, to facilitate transportation, convenient communication, easy access. read more

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Brand supermarket site should pay attention to what taboo

location for a store is very important, if not a good site, it may directly affect the store business. So, when the supermarket brand shop, site selection should pay attention to what taboo? Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

1. fast lane

With the development of urban construction,

is increasing. How to choose the supermarket brand? Due to the requirements of the fast lane, highway isolation facilities, the two sides can not cross the road on both sides of the parking facilities. Therefore, although there is a flow of customers and fixed units near the road, it should not be used as a new shop location. Because people often do not stop for a consumer on the side of the highway. read more

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You have to know the baby supplies store promotion skills

when we go shopping, we will see a lot of shops are doing promotions, and now the competition is more intense in various industries, promotion is a means to enhance the store business. So how to do the promotion of infant supplies stores? Want to be able to do a good job in the promotion of infant supplies stores, but it is not an easy thing. Today Xiaobian for entrepreneurs to introduce infant supplies store promotion skills.

at the very moment, infant supplies stores must use different marketing tactics to generate income; infant supplies stores sales promotion activity is different, so the promotion effect is not the same. For infants and young children to join the franchise stores, how to do the promotion of the infant supplies stores that have a good reputation in the consumer. That is the infant supplies stores in the promotion must be innovative. read more

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What are the skills to open a clothing store location

do not know if you have not found, many people in business when they will consider the apparel industry, garment industry has great potential, there are many kinds of wear in, are chose to open a clothing store, clothing as a necessity in people’s lives, has a huge consumer market. With the continuous development of society, more and more people see the huge business opportunities in the industry, have joined the shop. But open clothing store, store location for the problem, but also a skill. So, what are the skills to open a clothing store location. read more

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What are the practical skills in the process of cigarette sales

scan code for some large supermarkets in the city is not a strange thing, but for some remote areas of the retail shop is still a modern means of marketing. As a matter of fact, the cigarette sweep system is a practical tool for the cigarette retail customers to manage cigarettes. It has a very convenient and fast advantage in the aspects of cigarette inventory counting, profit calculation and detailed inquiry. In the actual scan code, there are three practical skills, if you can use it, it will benefit the cigarette sales scan code is more obvious. read more

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Gansu Longnan use nternet plus let more agricultural products go out

the arrival of the Internet not only provides convenience for consumers shopping and selling products, provides a good platform for the majority of farmers. Cheng Qinying is Gansu City, Wudu province Guo River village into the village of big pepper, since 2014 to embark on the electricity supplier sales path, life has undergone tremendous changes. College-graduate village official Dang Xudong to reporters calculations, a kotohide family used to buy or on the market to sell, sell more than 50 yuan, a pound of pepper, but online sales can be sold for 70 yuan, excluding freight, also can earn a lot of money. read more

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Burn sponsorship of the world cup Yingli can get out of the quagmire of loss

these days, every morning there are countless fans watching TV or computer next to watch the world cup in Brazil tournament. Athletes on the field of passion, the sidelines there is China Yingli, YINGLISOLAR banner advertising scroll broadcast.

the world cup sponsor from Hebei Baoding – Yingli Green Energy Company’s largest global PV module shipments (YGE.NYSE, hereinafter referred to as "Yingli").

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Batman China Hot pot friends lively constantly praise

in accordance with the practice of the first film, starring need publicity, recently, "Batman wars Superman" in the upcoming release China, Batman actor Ben · Affleck is the first to China propaganda, in the meantime, Batman like Chinese Hot pot delicious, in this small series also wish at the box office.

"Batman vs. Superman" upcoming Batman, who played the · Affleck praised China that Batman is Hot pot, first came to China, is China mapping for Hot pot is delicious, netizens commented, Batman is a hardcore of the bat man, Batman will also be transformed with PK Song Joong Ki chowhound sister liao. read more

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Amway released 2015 Amway Global Entrepreneurship report in Beijing

Under the management of

activities Chinese incentives, public’s entrepreneurial tendency of rapid increase in recent years, the overall entrepreneurial career hitherto unknown leap. The positive attitude of the public and the spirit of fear of failure to let the outside world generally optimistic about the attitude of Chinese entrepreneurs.

11 7, sponsored by the global direct selling industry giant Amway, Amway Global Entrepreneurship report (China) conference held in, held in Beijing. Zheng Guangxing, President of the economic daily economic trends Chinese Institute of private economy research center director Liu Yingqiu, China Academy of Social Sciences, Nankai University business school dean Zhang Yuli, President of American company Amway de · Devos, President of Amway Chinese Huang Deyin experts and scholars from all walks of life, the industry elite, company executives gathered here, around entrepreneurship speak freely, each one airs his own views. read more

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Open the pancake shop to pay attention to what the whole on site

pancakes are a lot of friends favorite snacks, if you want to open a pancake shop, then the site should pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can help.

what kind of position is the most suitable for the opening of the pancake shop? Shop address need to pay attention to what? Generally open pancake shop to choose a high population density, the population of the region, how to open a pancake shop? In the address in the target on the choice of business stability and maturity of the focus in the district is in line with the market positioning, brand values, the preferred pancake franchise goal set in the target market frequented by popular shopping malls, clothing city. read more

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