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Student senate proposes new constitution, adds club coordination council secretary

first_imgStudent senate passed motions proposing a new constitution and creating a secretary position in club coordination council Wednesday.The order proposing the new Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Body will not affect the way senate operates.Sophomore William Huffman, senator for Stanford Hall, asked junior parliamentarian Colin Brankin about how the new constitution will affect the running of senate.“Like actual, practical [changes]?” Brankin said. “Nothing. Not really anything.”The changes in the new constitution have been passed over the course of the year, including a provision to make quorum a consistent 2/3 among all of student government and changes to formatting throughout the constitution.“The problem with the old constitution is that a lot is kind of jumbled up,” Brankin said. “Now … there’s consistency so you can easily read the constitution. And a lot of the archaic language is cleared up to make more sense.”The new constitution passed with one opposition and one abstention.The proxy for O’Neill Hall, freshman Jake Marcionette, was the only vote against its passage. Marcionette was filling in for junior O’Neill senator Sebastian Lopez.Eduardo Luna, sophomore senator from Knott Hall, abstained from the vote.After the order passed, Luna asked for clarification about the function of the “power of the purse” as stated in the constitution.Brankin, senior Judicial Council president Matt Ross and senior student body vice president Sibonay Shewit explained how the budget is allocated.“There’s a section of the Committee on the Budget whose responsibility it is to approve the allocation [of the budget],” Ross said.“Each branch has a representative,” Brankin said. “All the leaders of the organizations are there to approve these budgets. That’s how it’s been, always.”Luna asked if senate has a budget.“Yeah,” Shewit said. “That’s how we pay for Jimmy John’s and apparel.”Luna then yielded his time, saying he was “just keeping you guys in check.”Senior and Club Coordination Council president King Fok presented a proposition to create the position of club coordination council secretary.“Right now there’s no secretary and the controller’s been taking the minutes, but that’s been really difficult,” Fok said. “He’s supposed to be managing all of the clubs’ finances.”The order passed with one opposition and no abstentions.Marcionette was again the only opposition. He said Lopez, O’Neill Hall’s usual senator, did not instruct him to oppose every order.Sophomore Breen-Phillips Hall senator Eve Takazawa announced that there will be a presentation to the student senate by an administrator March 21 regarding the housing policy.“They’re working on a waiver system and they’ve had discussions with the student advisory board so far,” Takazawa said.The senators spent the rest of the meeting in committee time. Student senate meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Notre Dame Room of LaFortune Student Center.Tags: Club Coordination Council, Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Body, student senatelast_img read more

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China Exports Citizen Control Model To Bolivia

first_imgBy Julieta Pelcastre / Diálogo October 22, 2019 Bolivia launched the BOL-110 Integrated System for Citizen Security in August 2019. Six hundred facial recognition cameras were added to the more than 2,000 surveillance units already installed in the streets, in addition to patrols, and drones. Bolivian authorities will also use high-tech communications equipment to counter crime and obtain information about the population.In its first phase, the BOL-110 system will be in service around the clock daily in the municipalities of La Paz and El Alto. The program anticipates that the system will be active in every police command nationwide by the end of 2019, to coordinate operations in real time using a codified communications system. “For the second phase, the government intends to acquire an additional 840 security cameras that will enable vehicle license plate verification,” Bolivian Vice Minister of Citizen Security Wilfredo Chávez told Radio Comunidad Bolivia.The system’s installation required the construction of the Command and Control National Center in La Paz. The China National Electronics  Service Company Limited developed the project worth more than $105 million, said Bolivian newspaper Opinión.“We are implementing artificial intelligence to counter crime,” Bolivian President Evo Morales told the press at the inauguration of BOL-110.Facial recognition and digital surveillance might enable access to personal and confidential data, such as social media activity, photos and videos, addresses of places frequently visited, including users’ homes, medical records, political affiliations, and bank accounts, among others, said Colombian magazine Semana on April 5. “This information can help authorities control dissidents and obtain people’s information secretly,” Daniel Pou, researcher at the Latin American Social Sciences Institute in the Dominican Republic, told Diálogo.“The goal of these systems is to have control, even if people feel harassed and observed. That’s what it’s all about, being in control,” Cesar Ortiz Anderson, head of the Peruvian Pro-Citizen Security Association, a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that guides communities in preventive security, told Diálogo. “The authorities can use these tools for repression, just like they do in China and other authoritarian countries.”“BOL-110 will turn Bolivia into the safest country on the continent,” Bolivian Government Minister Carlos Romero told the press. However, the report The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism, issued by U.S.-based NGO Freedom House, says that some countries are moving toward digital authoritarianism, as they adopt the Chinese model of extensive censorship and automated surveillance systems.In addition, Chinese companies that provide facial recognition technology and tools for data analysis to various governments will be able to use that information to Beijing’s advantage, the report says.last_img read more

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Russell Westbrook trade grades: Rockets take huge gamble; Thunder lay foundation for rebuild

first_imgWhat does this trade mean for the Rockets and Thunder moving forward?Here are the reported details of the deal and a breakdown of the short- and long-term ramifications for each side.TRADE RUMORS: Will Chris Paul’s stay in OKC be short?Russell Westbrook trade gradesRockets receive: Russell WestbrookThunder receive: Chris Paul, future first-round picks (2024 and 2026), future pick swaps (2021 and 2025)Sources: Pick protections in Thunder/Rockets, Russell Westbrook/Chris Paul trade:2024 first round pick, protected 1-42026 first round pick, protected 1-42025 swap, 1-20 protected2021 swap, protected 1-4 — OKC can swap Clippers pick or Heat pick.— Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) July 12, 2019MORE: What happened last time Westbrook, Harden played together?Rockets: CThe Rockets could have easily run it back for another year with James Harden and Paul leading the way, but general manager Daryl Morey opted to go all-in with Westbrook, Harden’s former Thunder teammate. Morey is the type of GM who likes to acquire as much talent as possible, then figure out the specifics later. This lines up perfectly with that strategy.Westbrook earned a spot on the All-NBA Third Team for 2018-19 after averaging a triple-double for the third consecutive season (22.9 points, 11.1 rebounds and 10.7 assists). He remains one of the most ferocious, athletic drivers in the league, creating opportunities to score for himself and others. He shot a career-high 65 percent at the rim this past season and finished third in the NBA in drives behind Harden and DeMar DeRozan.An elite rebounder at the guard position, Westbrook can go coast-to-coast and constantly put pressure on his opponents. He is a willing passer, and he should rack up plenty of assists with Harden, Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker on the perimeter and Clint Capela diving to the basket. Overall, despite his obvious flaws, Westbrook is clearly an impact player.But it’s the nature of his flaws that makes this such a risky bet. His shooting has plummeted, even by his own standards. That’s a problem for a 3-point happy team like the Rockets.Russell Westbrook last seasonPull-up 3’s:∙ 56/212 – 26.4%∙ Last among all players to attempt 200+Catch & Shoot 3’s:∙ 53/166 – 31.9%∙ 140th of 155 players to attempt 150+Mid-Range:∙ 113/355 – 31.8%∙ Last among 42 players to attempt 200+— Shane Young (@YoungNBA) July 8, 2019While Westbrook is terrible on above-the-break 3-pointers (27.9 percent) in 2018-19, he actually was respectable from the corners (37.2 percent). He only took 51 total shots from the corners, though, and 359 above the break. That number needs to dip way down. Those crazy pull-ups with 20 seconds on the shot clock? Please stop.There’s also the issue of whether Westbrook can cede the floor to Harden, and vice versa. They are both at their best with the ball. We’re talking about two guards with the highest single-season usage percentages in NBA history. Harden will have to be a spot-up threat when Westbrook is initiating the offense. Harden only attempted 70 catch-and-shoot 3-pointers last season, but he did hit on 41.1 percent of them. (Westbrook was just under 32 percent on 166 such attempts.) At some point, these guys must throw in off-ball movement and cutting. They can’t treat every trip down to the wing or corner as a personal timeout. MORE: NBA players react to Russell Westbrook-James Harden reunionIf anyone can steer Westbrook toward his offensive strengths, it’s Mike D’Antoni. The bigger question might be how Houston stops anyone. Paul topped all other point guards in ESPN’s Real Defensive Plus-Minus, and the Rockets’ defensive rating dropped nearly eight points per 100 possessions with Paul on the floor vs. off. Compare that to Westbrook, who finished 32nd in that same metric and saw the Thunder’s defense improve with him on the bench. It’s hard to envision Harden or Westbrook as anything more than solid defenders, so Tucker and Capela will have work to do. Maybe Westbrook can truly change. He allowed George to spread his wings in OKC when he emerged as a legitimate MVP candidate, and Westbrook wasn’t a total sieve defensively. But he didn’t break his bad habits, and the Thunder flamed out in the first round again. Can a man who has been so particular about his approach, style, parking spot and pregame sandwiches for a decade learn to be less rigid?Should this grand experiment fail, Morey will shoulder the blame. The Rockets would be stuck with Westbrook’s huge contract, which lasts a year beyond Paul’s and presents Westbrook with a whopping $47.1 million player option for 2022-23. If they start heading downhill early, those picks and swaps will loom large. (It’s crazy to think Houston had to tag those sweeteners onto Paul after signing him to a four-year deal just last summer.)This trade isn’t an abomination. View it from Morey’s perspective, and it’s easier to understand why he did it. Westbrook is slightly underrated now because he is such an easy target.But if this wasn’t a case of the Harden and Paul relationship being truly unsalvageable — ESPN’s Tim MacMahon says that didn’t factor into Houston’s decision — then it feels a bit too much like throwing something against a wall and hoping it sticks.The previous Rockets core may have reached the NBA Finals with the Warriors out of the way. We’ll never know.MORE: Rockets, Thunder see championship odds shift after tradeThunder: A- Westbrook leaves the Thunder with the most points, second-most assists and third-most rebounds in franchise history. The Thunder fans will certainly give him a standing ovation when he returns, and he can expect a statue outside of Chesapeake Energy Arena down the road. It’s a shame he couldn’t follow the Dirk Nowitzki path and wear the same uniform his entire career.Sentiment aside, this was absolutely the right call by Oklahoma City general manager Sam Presti. Concerns about Westbrook’s fit with a new team and his contract dinged his value, but Presti navigated through a trade negotiation without attaching an asset to Westbrook.The Thunder now hold 15 first-round picks —  — over the next seven drafts when adding up their own plus the selections acquired via the George, Westbrook and Jerami Grant trades. Presti is going to be Mr. Steal Yo Pick for the next half-decade.OKC 1sts:2020 Own (1-20)2020 DEN (11-30)2021 Own (HOU 5-30 swap right)2021 MIA (HOU 5-30 swap right)2022 Own (1-14)2022 LAC2023 Own (LAC swap right)2023 MIA (15-30)2024 Own2024 LAC2024 HOU (5-30)2025 Own (LAC and HOU 21-30 swap right)2026 Own2026 LAC2026 HOU (5-30)— Albert Nahmad (@AlbertNahmad) July 12, 2019It’s possible the Clippers and Thunder picks never drop low enough to become prized prospects, but who knows where those teams will fall in the standings each season, or when the next steal of the draft will arrive? OKC can hope for a friendly bounce at future lottery drawings or use those first-rounders in other deals. Presti produced flexibility, and that’s exactly what any rebuilding team needs.MORE: What trading Russell Westbrook means for Thunder’s rebuildAs for Paul, he isn’t the prime “Point God” seen during his Hornets and Clippers days. He is overpaid, but that doesn’t mean he can’t contribute to a winning team. He averaged 15.6 points, 8.4 assists, 5.2 rebounds and 1.8 steals after the All-Star break last season. He scored 27 points (11-of-19 from the field), grabbed 11 rebounds and dished out six assists in the Rockets’ Game 6 loss to the Warriors, which eliminated Houston from the 2019 playoffs. There are some minutes left in those legs. Paul could just be making a pit stop before another trade is executed. The Heat are a possibility for Paul, according to Wojnarowski, and Paul’s agent, Leon Rose, represents Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem. The connections are there.Oklahoma City wants to avoid the luxury tax, so another move is coming, whether it involves Paul or another Thunder player. Fortunately for Presti, he has the picks to pull of any deal, big or small, should he consider it worthwhile.Trading away two All-Stars in favor of a rebuild isn’t fun, especially when one of those players is an Oklahoma City icon. If it’s unavoidable, though, a return package of Paul, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Danilo Gallinari, seven first-rounders and four pick swaps should ease the pain. Russell Westbrook is a Rocket man, but this deal didn’t take a long, long time.Less than a week after the Thunder traded Paul George to the Clippers, Oklahoma City sent Westbrook to the Rockets in exchange for Chris Paul plus multiple first-round picks and swaps, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Houston was reportedly searching for a third team as a Paul landing spot, but for now, he will be a member of the Thunder.last_img read more

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