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The eccentricities of Sisto

first_imgA convulsive summer and a controversial decisionThe Celta breathed with relief after achieving the salvation of the hand of a great Iago Aspas, but the problems had only just begun. In June, he again starred in a new episode of his eccentricities. Pione Sisto said on his Instagram account that he was undergoing a “parasite cleaning” treatment. Under that motto, he hid his intention to eliminate all the mucosa of your body by considering it “the cause of all diseases”.That joined the above and narrated through the Instagram account ‘youknowital’, created by him to report his particular habits. Along the way he left controversial phrases like “destroy yourself to be someone new“or” get rid of the mucosa and you will be free of all disease. “Perhaps it was the drop that filled the glass to Celta de Vigo, who sought a new destination in the summer market. 2017-183669 Pione Sisto is a peculiar soccer player. Beyond his quick and skillful football image, a somewhat complicated personality is hidden, which has brought him problems with some of his coaches. In your mind is the possibility of being differential and, fortunately for Celta, the chip seems to have changed to achieve it. His decisive goal against Sevilla is nothing more than a great representation of it. The Danish has returned to take the course, just when his people needed him more than ever in search of salvation. Gone are the 21 days in a row eating only fruit or his eagerness to remove the mucosa from his body.His return, with no intention of falling into subjectivity, was not expected even in Vigo. Especially for his testimonial participation with Fran Escribá and the extra-sports episodes he had previously starred in. But Oscar Garcia, as soon as he arrived, turned around the situation of the player and placed him in the starting lineup. Despite a row they had, the technician has not lost confidence in him. He was not mistaken: a great goal in Balaidos has given this weekend three crucial points to Celta, which have allowed him to leave relegation places. What definitely triggered the alarms was a video of the player last May in which openly acknowledged having been 21 days! consecutive feeding only on fruit. A method, of course, hardly compatible with the practice of football at a professional level. Moreover, even Pione acknowledged that he had been affected: “I lost control and believed that I was going to go crazy.” SeasonMatchesGoalsAssists 2018-1927twoone 2019-201840center_img Frustration after being replaced and subsequent reconciliationOn the 21st day of the championship, Balaizados whistled the fact that Pione Sisto was replaced. The situation had taken a turn and people who despaired in their day with their attitude now cheered. Óscar took the criticism, because the public considered that he had not been successful with the change. Nor did the Danish please him, who left with an angry gesture and didn’t even look at his technician. This one responded with a strong anger to the player, that later would bring consequences.“No player likes to be substituted. Nor does he have to show it to everyone, except him. Two months ago we all know where he was. I have already taken disciplinary action. We are going to talk to the club to see what we can do, “said an angry Oscar at the subsequent press conference. He also made a dent, remembering what his pupil’s situation was before his arrival. The matter did not transcend: he played a few minutes against Valencia and was the hero as revulsive against Sevilla. Pione Sisto is back, who knows if to stay. On the grass, of course, he has been the one he was again. But, Why a player of his talent has not entered regularly in the lineups? In summer 2016, he arrived at Celta as a future bet from the Midtjylland. The operation cost 3.5 million euros to the club, who was betting heavily on an almost unknown Danish league. Soon Pione Sisto showed that the investment was not wrong. His first season closed it as undisputed in the lineups and scored six goals. Even more irreplaceable was on 17/18, when he started on 31 of the 38 days of the national league championship. Yes, the final months were not so fruitful.But everything changed last season, which began in the eleven, worse was declining as the days went by. This is where the eccentricities of Pione Sisto come in, because his fall, beyond football, has unusual reasons in a guild governed by strict diets and constant physical training. A turn of the helm that led him to a storm that now seems to subside. That turned the fast and revolutionary extreme into a man away from the discipline demanded by his technicians. The diet and decisions you did not understandPione Sisto lost Unzue’s confidence, which he did not assimilate. Speaking to the Danish media Ekstrablade, he was critical of his situation: “In the autumn I played and helped the team. What is the reason I have been out of the team lately, I honestly do not know“Months later, already with a change of coach and Miguel Cardoso at the controls, he went from being a soccer player in his networks to regularly sharing reflections such as”you become what you think“or photographs of philosophy books.RAFA APARICIO & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Pione Sisto talks with Iago Aspas in the preview of a Celta de Vigo match.RAFA APARICIO (DAILY AS) 2016-174964 The Aston Villa, after a convulsive summer in which calls were hardly received by him in the offices of Balaidos, he was interested in getting his services. To the surprise of Celta, Pione Sisto and his brother (also his representative) they decided to decline said offer to stay in the entity. A decision that did not sit well because it hindered the return of Nolito and forced Escribá to stay with a player he did not have.Oscar recovered him for the causeNevertheless, Pione Sisto had not said his last word in Celta. He was considered a lost case or, at least, a soccer player not prepared for the highest level. Perhaps the need to give the team a new air on the grass is what led Oscar Garcia to give him a chance. “It has been a long journey, it’s all I can say“, wrote the Danish on his usual Instagram after it.Since he started against Barcelona in the debut league of the new coach, Pione Sisto has started seven of the eleven days played. Also against Mérida and Mirandés, in the second and third round of Copa del Rey. He has responded with four goals and good performances, although it remains somewhat irregular. As a reference, it adds an average of 1.5 pikes per match since Oscar’s arrival, a sign of discrete and bright appearances in equal parts. Wait, because in the universe of the extreme there is still one more episode.Pione Sisto’s statistics in Celtalast_img read more

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Interviewing with a CEO? 10 Tough Questions and Answers

first_img Rehab Director RehabVisions Socorro, NM Director of Nursing RN The Gardens at Camp Hill Camp Hill, PA Director of Rehabilitation Kindred Healthcare Washington, DC Preparing for a job interview can be stressful. When you throw in an interview with the CEO of the company, the process can become even more intimidating.If you have an interview coming up and you know you’ll speak with the CEO, here are some interview questions you should be able to answer:1. Why have you had X number of jobs over the last X years?In today’s workforce, it’s not uncommon for professionals to job hop. In fact, more than half of employers have hired a job hopper. Most CEOs ask this question because they want to learn about your loyalty to previous employers and your decision-making process.What to include in your answer:When talking about your job history, focus on experiences that shaped your career in a positive way. For instance, explain you’ve been searching for the right job that fits your career goals and how the position you’re interviewing for fits these goals.The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide2. What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?One of the most important things CEOs want to know about a candidate is what you’re going to accomplish once hired for the position.What to include in your answer:Tell the employer about your vision as an employee for their company. The interviewer already knows you’re qualified (on paper) for the position; now you need to explain how you’ll help their company reach the next level.Talk about a combination of your skills and strengths that will bring you success as an employee. You should also reference previous accomplishment stories that would support your vision for this job.3. Would you quit your job if you won the lottery, even if you loved your current position?CEOs may ask this question to determine whether you’re more passionate about finding a job that brings you happiness, or if you’re simply in it for the paycheck.What to include in your answer:This might seem like a trick question for most people, but it’s important to be completely honest and candid with your answer. Whether you simply want a job for an income or you’re truly passionate about your career, share your opinion and the reasoning behind your answer.4. Tell me about an accomplishment that shaped your career.Employers love hearing about accomplishment stories. Not only do they illustrate how you’re qualified for the position, but also it shows what makes you unique as a candidate.What to include in your answer:Share an accomplishment story from past experience that’s applicable to the position you’re applying for.What to Do When You Don’t Know How to Answer an Interview Question5. Tell me about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative.According to a CareerBuilder survey, twenty-one percent of employers want to hire candidates with strong creative-thinking. Chances are, CEOs will ask candidates how they can push the envelope in their positions once hired.What to include in your answer:Talk about a project where you were forced to think outside of the box and utilize your resourcefulness. This helps CEOs understand your willingness to take risks and try new things.6. How would your boss from your last job describe you?This can be a tricky question, especially if you left your job on a negative note. However, employers ask this question to learn about your personality.What to include in your answer:This is a good opportunity to talk about your work ethic and how your personality fit into your previous position. If you had a negative experience at your last job, share what you learned for the position and how you turned it into a positive experience.7. What do you value most about our culture and vision?CEOs ask this question because they want to know if a candidate understands what their company is trying to accomplish. CEOs already know you’re going to research the company. Therefore, by asking this question, you’re able to explain what you truly think about the company.What to include in your answer:Focus your answer on what you’ve learned about the mission and values of the organization. You should also incorporate your personal values into your answer and how they will help you bring success to the organization.5 Job Interview Questions You Never Have to Answer – And Here’s Why8. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?This is another question employers ask to learn more about your personality and values.What to include in your answer:It’s important to be genuine when answering this question. Talk about your interests and hobbies that have shaped you as a person, which are also appropriate for an interview setting.For example, talk about how you’re a marathon runner in your free time or that you teach a yoga class. Sharing interests such as these display how your work ethic and leadership skills transfer into your personal life.9. What makes you excited about Mondays?Mondays can be a struggle for most professionals. However, when you love your job, Mondays can be positive. A study by CareerBuilder shows that 66 percent of employers seek candidates who are self-motivated and 72 percent want to hire candidates with a positive attitude.What to include in your answer:This is your opportunity to share why you’re passionate about your career. Talk about what motivates you most in your career and how you’ll use that passion as inspiration during the work week.10. Why are you working in this industry?Employers want to learn what drew you to their industry, why you’re interested in working for their company, and why you’re passionate about what you do.What to include in your answer:Share a story about the time when you first become interested in your career. It could be a story about your first internship or an experience that attracted you to this type of work. When you tell your story, be sure to highlight experiences that relate to the job you’re interviewing for.Have you answered one of these questions during a job interview?  23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h 2.5★ 23 hours ago 23h 2.8★ Director Wipro Technologies San Francisco, CA 23 hours ago 23h Director Bright Horizons Family Solutions Evanston, IL 3.1★ 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Director Contracts CIRCOR International Corona, CA 23 hours ago 23h 23 hours ago 23h Hot New Jobs For You Procurement Director CraftMark Bakery Indianapolis, IN 4.3★ 2.8★ 23 hours ago 23h 2.5★ 3.8★ RN Director of Nursing Servies EmpRes Healthcare Management Shelton, WA 23 hours ago 23h 3.0★ 3.7★ Director of Content Strategy Ozmo Blacksburg, VA Maintenance Director Regency North Bend Rehabilitation & Nursing Center North Bend, WA 3.0★ View More Jobslast_img read more

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SNAPPED! Klaassen, Pickford ink Everton contracts

first_imgEverton have welcomed new duo Davy Klaassen and Jordan Pickford today.The Blues posted both former Ajax midfielder Klaassen and ex-Sunderland goalkeeper Pickford signing their new Everton deals to social media. | Read all about it! Here’s how the media report on yesterday’s double signing, with four more names linked…https://t.co/lM3YC0qpz9pic.twitter.com/t9i0F8mORM— Everton (@Everton) June 16, 2017last_img

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