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Ridge reflects on American brand

first_img In part, the idea of America involves risks, he said. In a way similar to that of a business, America must manage its risks. In addition to leadership, brand name also transcends the fields of business and national security. Ridge invoked images of the first pioneers, the lunar landings and the millions of American servicemen and women as examples of American risk-takers. “Everyone in the organization has value,” he said. “All work has dignity.” Addressing leadership, Ridge informed students on the importance of communication skills and the importance of not only knowing, but also being able to articulate one’s mission statement.  “We all knew what we were doing the day and morning of Sept. 11,” Tom Ridge began. “Complacency [is the single greatest danger to national security] — the notion that as time elapse we forgot that we are at war with a belief system and leaders of a belief system who patient and persistent.” Yet, despite America’s shortcomings, Ridge maintains a positive and optimistic view of the nation he loves. “I can say to you in good faith that we have been true to our values,” Ridge said. “Americans live in freedom. We don’t live in fear … People all over the world still love the idea of America.” Ridge explained that America does not always abide by its value system.  This is perhaps most evident in the recent controversy over Guantanamo Bay. While recognizing the complexities of the situation, Ridge said he believes the prison’s occupants are entitled to due process.center_img Ridge, whose many titles have included the governor of Pennsylvania and Secretary of Homeland Security, now serves as president and CEO of Ridge Global, LLC. Speaking in the Jordan Auditorium in Mendoza on the weekend of the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Ridge offered a presentation that fittingly tied both business and national security. “[My proudest accomplishment is that] I’ve been given that many opportunities and my service was valued,” he said. “Notre Dame has a brand … America has a brand as well. It’s our value system,” Ridge said. “We have to be consistent with [our value system].  The rest of the world is watching.”  “America has always had risk management — we’re a country of risk-takers,” he said. “We manage our risks.” When answering audience questions, Ridge expanded upon previous answers and addressed other new topics, including the relationship between the economy and national security, the challenge of cooperation between national agencies and the need for a more effective use of America’s soft power. Ridge said homeland security has an objective to secure and preserve freedom — including religious expression.  “Titles get compliance,” he said. “Leaders get commitments.”last_img read more

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Organic Weed Control

first_imgIf they start now, Georgia organic farmers can use mulch and cultivation to manage young weeds, according to Juan Carlos Diaz-Perez, vegetable scientist on the University of Georgia Tifton campus. If weeds are not controlled successfully and are allowed to grow throughout May and June, they can compete with crops for nutrients, water and sunlight.“In organic management, you don’t have access to many weapons for weed control. You have to make use of prevention,” Diaz-Perez said. “With weed management, the younger the weed is, the easier it is to control it. The younger your crop is and the more it is allowed to have weeds as competitors, the more damage weeds will inflict on the crop. Usually our crops are most susceptible to weeds when they are young.”In traditional farming practices, growers normally apply herbicides throughout the year to kill weeds without damaging the crop.Because organic farmers do not use chemical means to control weeds, they can use alternative methods throughout the growing season, according to Diaz-Perez. Practices such as cultivation with a tractor or hoe, hand-pulling weeds and using organic mulches or plastic film mulches serve as effective weed control measures.Diaz-Perez recommends organic mulches, like wheat or pine straw, because they can reduce weed growth significantly, allow the rain to penetrate the soil, and they are sustainable. Organic mulches decompose, providing organic matter to soil and nutrients to microbes, and don’t add pollution to the soil like plastic.Diaz-Perez devotes 30% of his research to organic crop production at UGA-Tifton.“When weeds are allowed to grow too much, their degree of development makes their control impractical. Weeds have to be controlled when they are small and tender. Removing those weeds that were not controlled during their younger stage of development makes for an expensive and time-consuming effort on the part of organic farmers,” Diaz-Perez said. “Weed control is the most important factor when producing a crop organically. Weeds have to be controlled if the crop is going to do well.”To learn more about the use of mulches in vegetable production, see UGA Extension Circular 984, “Mulching Vegetables,” at extension.uga.edu/publications.last_img read more

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A.K Gujar and Diephine Rani won Gold at All India LIC Games

first_imgOur Sports ReporterGUWAHATI: A.K Gujar and Diephine Rani took the gold medal in the men and women 100mts race in the All India LIC Games at the Indira Gandhi Athletic stadium here today. In the 1500 mtr run Kalidas Hirave collected Gold Medal in Men’s Category while Monica Athare won Gold Medal in Women section. In Shot Put Amit Tyagi and Gurmeet Kaur won Gold Medal in Men and Women event respectively. Dhiraj Misra and Joyline Mural Lobo bagged gold medal in the men and women Triple jump event games. Also Read: All India LIC Games begins at Sarusajai Sports Complex, GuwahatiAlso Watch:Watch | Typhoon Hagibis makes landfall in Japanlast_img read more

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