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How far the expert location blog mode Taobao station can

in the current Wangzhuan industry, Taobao guest team is huge, and are constantly growing! Mode promotion means Taobao station are diverse, but the mainstream is website promotion mode. Count the current Taobao guest website promotion type: portal mode, single page mode, blog mode, rebate mode etc.. Remember the single page mode over the previous two years swept the entire Taobao guest Wangzhuan but as time! Precipitation, improved resolution, users of pure single page mode has been slowly dying. Along with the Taobao alliance update rebate mode Taobao station has been dying! Then the other Taobao customers will face the challenge of how to model! Today we are going to discuss the mode of Taobao blog, how far can we go to read more

To entrepreneurs the six things that YC taught me

editor’s note: This is an experience of participating in YC training camp entrepreneurs experience. From which we can see the value of Americans for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs in China can also do some reference.

the worst thing I can think of when I join the YC is that the venture will fail, but I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal. At least I’ve learned a lot from people and things here.

proved me right. This summer is one of the hardest and most exhausting summer of my life, but it is also worth a summer. I learned something I thought I knew but I don’t really know until now. read more

How do earn 200 a 13 years ago had a dream to be a businessman

earned 200 is not a success, to talk about how I made. I would like to publish a book on the internet. The first section: I have a dream is a businessman, I want to be a businessman 13 years ago, it is now a market economy, it seems 13 years ago is expected to the development of today’s society, maybe the childhood on a whim, it is the social fact today.

13 years ago, why would I want to be a businessman? I know the status of businessmen, in the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the position is relatively high, up to now the reform and opening up, the market economy status in the merchant line, after the stars, government officials and scientists and educators. At the beginning of the 90s, we had a lot of places to eat and we didn’t have enough time to think about it, but I didn’t think so. I think the only people who do business are the most successful people. read more

Content construction

8.1 self created content

says one of the reasons why Adsense is better than other online advertising systems is that its ads are relevant to the content on your web page, and users click on the ads

is interested in them. And users will come back and click on them again, because your content is attractive.    

if your site’s content is not attractive, you will be how to attract users and links and racking their brains, so you can not let users become repeat customers.     read more

This is not a guerrilla not only to adhere more to planning

with the development of the Internet, more and more friends to join Wangzhuan industry forums such as A5, pig, and a series of China Witkey Wangzhuan platform has been more and more young people are familiar with. And now comes the graduation season, some senior mentees have yet to find the right job, so they put their career goals to Wangzhuan the industry. Because they do webmaster, using the Internet to make money, is not common in the circle around me, and it looks very easy, so there are a few years old man recently always mentees who ask how to make money on the internet. In fact, Wangzhuan industry did not you think so simple, you are not staying at home watching the computer will be able to count the money, had their own web site, do the second nest, in order to update the content, 2 points every night writing the pain now remember. But since they do Wangzhuan industry has been a few years, there will be more or less some of their own ideas today, writing this article is to share with you. read more

To make money in a proper way

Hello, I am the infinite flow union black, there are not a few days to write soft, the webmaster website traffic is 1W asked me how much money a month? I did not know how to answer, so today to write this article. Hope that the webmaster see!

IP flow

1W, I asked about the acquisition of basic market price is 80–100, different owners have different views, but this really black! I want to say is that the web site to make money especially site traffic, we can have more choices, namely money channels increase. That being the case, then we must take seriously the channel problem. read more

Taobao guest is not particularly difficult to do

just started to contact the Taobao customer feel Taobao is a guest to diving technique. Every day hundreds of dozens of people watching the income, he wanted to give up a job in this industry, but I know it takes time. Do not learn and sum up you are unable to reach the dream at night and think of the height. After I made up my mind, I collected and read some skills, methods and experiences on the Internet forum. In fact, nothing, it is important that you insist on not.

1 Taobao customers. I think there should be a space and domain name, blog is good but fly high, fall to death. Maybe someday your blog will be blocked. read more

Wangzhuan industry for more than two years with the couple talk about experience

Do Wangzhuan

has been more than two years, from a higher rookie to now, experienced frustrations, and also won the progress and achievements, there have been some words to talk about a couple of new hope, people don’t follow my steps and avoid some mistakes made due to lack of experience and take some detour.

remember when I first contact Wangzhuan, like many newcomers to some Wangzhuan station and forums to find Wangzhuan, have also attracted some of the so-called "day to earn hundreds of thousands of" advertising, so once fantasized "good" in the future, then I would like to: the original Wangzhuan so easily. Now think then the idea is very naive, here are warned that the so-called "day to earn a few hundred" confused new friends, in fact, the so-called "day to earn a few hundred" Wangzhuan project although it is logical, but is in fact outdated Wangzhuan project, that is to say once can indeed money really can earn hundreds, but at that time no one will be open these secrets, because any business opportunities, more people do, the more intense competition, the more difficult it is to make money. As the saying goes: there is no wall. The project has been more and more see and use the Wangzhuan master, to the last day to earn a few hundred to become once brilliant. At the end of the day to earn a few hundred "projects are being used to sell" Wangzhuan cultural relics". read more

How can Taobao customers monthly income of million

I just made Taobao guest soon, although the experience is not much, but also willing to share with you. First of all: choose a suitable Taobao program. There are many online programs like this, there are a lot of such procedures in Ali’s mother’s community, but most of them can not keep up with the trend. The eyes of the beholder, here I do not want to say. Note here is that: after the selection process, be sure to change the program in the PID of others into their own PID Oh, otherwise your income into the pockets of others. Some friends here to say, there are some programs App Key and App Secret, but it does not affect your income, is a collection of data that Taobao passenger authority, recently purchased Taobao like parameter added app key, Taobao app key to the customer may calculate the flow of read more

Those who let investors crazy after 90 subversion

lead: compared with previous generations of entrepreneurs, with 90 more subversive attitude, more by surprise ideas, more overweening confidence.


| investment community mining group

recently removed from the circle of investment circles son had to accept a shame reality: I am old! And those in the 60 after 70 after the uncle who talked to venture investment, about 90 entrepreneurs will desire flashing light. "We are now only 88 after the vote," said an investor who was intended to start a business circles in the mood to fall to the bottom of the valley, not old enough ah! read more

The road to the river level 1

I was born in a small town in the east of Beijing County, sixteen year old dropped out of school to work, because no diploma no craft, so did the toil of work.

once installed in the train drizzle weather, the tall, narrow gangway slippery, empty handed to tremble with fear, and we have to carry a 100 kg bag of fertilizer in the back and forth above, and a walk is a day, eat not to leave the scene;

I used to load and unload cement trucks, eat and sleep in the car. Fifteen tons of big car four people, holding one hundred pounds of cement bags and trot, made full hand with cement, and finished loading the wrist and belly are blood earnest; read more

Do Wangzhuan you should have these SEO ability

do Wangzhuan, SEO skills is very important, but why do some website optimization effect is good, but some sites did not up to what I want to do? It only means a question, you can have some difference seor. Can also say that he does not have the talent I want to discuss with you.

so, as a Seor, to have what ability? First of all, you have to have a strong execution, execution is simple, but it is not easy to do. The original is empty talk Zhao wants to have theoretical knowledge is very powerful, but it is difficult to use the battlefield, resulting in the defeat and go. We said today the execution, that is not empty talk, as long as the real effect will make people sit up and take notice of you. read more

Et new advertisers Online

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    audit mode: media audit;  . read more

The nternet digital media business hot wind cast lead opportunity

According to the

FT Chinese net "Financial Times" reporter aline van Donne (Aline van Duyn) and Kevin Alison (Kevin Allison) in New York

is sitting on tens of billions of dollars in venture capital group, hedge funds, private equity firms and large media group, is investing heavily in the media of Internet start-ups, looking for the next hot internet.

MySpace.com and YouTube sites such as the amazing growth in the amount of users, to stimulate the interests of investors in the industry. MySpace.com was founded less than 3 years, but the current visit has been ranked in the top second, Your Tube specializes in user original content. read more

One Piece a good way to guide the flow of video sites Daquan

Hello everyone, today, One Piece is to teach you how to use the video traffic. This Wangzhuan tutorial is the result of long-term summary and actual out Wangzhuan project, the effect is very good, suitable for CPA or CPS. We all know that the video site traffic is very great, there are so many people watching the video on it every day, so long as we can lead to a little bit of their traffic that is considerable, then can draw on several flow method summary. Nonsense not say, today the topic into. read more

Ali mother crazy K station conspiracy

The website

Ali mother account was K, I didn’t cheat, he also K, Ma died? Taobao in order to promote their Tao, even contrary to their conscience, openly denied a large number of Internet China most blood boiling, Ali mother into the community, we go to see how many people are there in your innocent innocence

Ali mother crazy K station purpose:

we all know that Taobao is what, if you don’t know Taobao, there will be so many people there to buy things, let people know what is Taobao, the network advertisement, of course this is, if not the mom shameless website advertising content webmaster propaganda replaced Taobao ads, nor Taobao spring. read more

The website was banned after releasing the macro sector how to continue to earn

in recent days, the same site two times by VOGATE blocking and unblocking operation, was sealed in detail here recorded and released the steps, I hope to give you some help, recovery of blocked sites in a timely manner, to avoid unnecessary loss.

of course, there is a premise that my site does not actually exist any intentional cheating.

VOGATE said, I was the last registered VOGATE, has not posted VOGATE code, so I put the billboard VOGATE removed several times, during the test of advertising revenue, which is the advertising code posted a few hours or a few hours, then second days to see income, but because site traffic is relatively high, so there will be one day suddenly tens of thousands of IP traffic, and then a few days without any traffic situation, may be the cause of " " is not in the scope of cooperation in VOGATE;, the emergence of this tip last year, I did not seriously, after all, at that time I did not cheat. I am also very angry, but because I was not cheating, he angrily, put all the sites on the macro sector advertising removed entirely. But later want to come in, this is not entirely to blame VOGATE, after all, any anti cheat system The system can not be 100 percent accurate, and their flow is indeed relatively large fluctuations, suspected even if it is the original love. In fact, here we must also understand, I just share with us how to continue to make money after. read more

What is the background to this porn Qihoo

look at the ads he offers! More and more porn!

look at my space provider to inform:

the Central Propaganda Department, the Information Office of the State Council, the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of supervision, the State Council office, Ministry of health, Ministry of industry and Information Department of the Central Committee and the State Council 12 days ago held a special ad third plenary meeting of the inter ministerial joint meeting decided that from now until next year before the Spring Festival, to carry out a rectification of illegal "drug advertising and STD treatment advertising special action in the country. The existing advertising regulatory laws and regulations extending to the regulatory governance of Internet advertising, and resolutely ban and ban illegal online" drug advertising and advertising "treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. read more