Dongsheng partner of choice secret struck rattling fast make money

in today’s entrepreneurial era in Denver, I often hear the sound of many entrepreneurs, of course, the business results, some people are happy, some people suffering, entrepreneurship was a meaningful thing, but entrepreneurs in the end want to start difficult in what place? How to choose business partners.


has become a grass root Internet business entrepreneurs in the mainstream today, in the capital of no money, no connections to network conditions, the business partnership seems to be the best choice Lediao wire business, want to choose a sensible partner, the best choice to work with their own shoes bitter buddy, so that it can complement each other in the future work in. read more

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Entrepreneurs should wake up Community service O2O want to do a national platform is dreaming

O2O the current situation in community services such as "first-tier cities from Demons and monsters danced like mad., Guangzhou Shenzhen, to the two or three line of the capital city, almost every city has an even number of covering the limited scope of the local community platform. Every entrepreneur with a national platform dream. Sorry, I have to give you pouring cold water: the national dream, very dangerous!

national platform window short

generally, a national platform for the window period of about two years. For example, drops fast, from the beginning of 2013 to mid February 2015, with nearly two years to achieve national distribution; for example, hungry, in June 2013 D round of public comment brought before the vote, the market coverage of the city is only 12, the investment after half a year to spread rapidly to more than and 100 City, do not want to the middle out of the U.S. group, the rapid laying in group purchase business basis, also completed the layout in nearly two years. read more

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