Entrepreneurs should wake up Community service O2O want to do a national platform is dreaming

O2O the current situation in community services such as "first-tier cities from Demons and monsters danced like mad., Guangzhou Shenzhen, to the two or three line of the capital city, almost every city has an even number of covering the limited scope of the local community platform. Every entrepreneur with a national platform dream. Sorry, I have to give you pouring cold water: the national dream, very dangerous!


national platform window short

generally, a national platform for the window period of about two years. For example, drops fast, from the beginning of 2013 to mid February 2015, with nearly two years to achieve national distribution; for example, hungry, in June 2013 D round of public comment brought before the vote, the market coverage of the city is only 12, the investment after half a year to spread rapidly to more than and 100 City, do not want to the middle out of the U.S. group, the rapid laying in group purchase business basis, also completed the layout in nearly two years.

mobile Internet business environment has been very different from the PC era: a change in one year, three years. Community O2O entrepreneurs to catch the rapid formation of scale in the following environment changes before: one is the mobile Internet business environment (APP flood, super platform is devouring the installed capacity APP), two is the user is not mind other platforms occupy the top three, is their own money tight, four is the capital investment window before closing.

if the two years can not achieve the effective control of the country, followed by the financial pressure and the formation of the profit model will not be forced to shrink the platform strategy. Once the implementation of the strategic contraction, not only investment shrink, also affect the confidence of investors, such as the consequences be unbearable to contemplate Domino.


, from the second half of last year the local projects have emerged, by now the size of feudal rule, the O2O community platform window basic only about a year’s time. Part of the platform has been expanded in more than and 20 cities, while the other part of the city, although only occupy the one or two, but the foundation played relatively solid. Occupy more than the city is facing follow-up service follow-up and capital transfusion problem; occupy the city is worried about the rapid replication of the site.

community service platform, not standardized commodity business platform, promote not only depends on the capital, because it contains lots of non-standard services, heavy capital and heavy operation have both "double" hard work. This is to be the old saying: "More haste, less speed".

capital and cooling separatist warlords

I have said before: "this year and next year there will be a large number of entrepreneurial projects to die, some of which have been B round of financing companies." O2O investment boom has been gradually cooling, each field has a potential leader, but it is very difficult to have the opportunity to flop. Capital relative to the social sector, although the market space is very large, but now also seen a B round of financing enterprises. The first is the relative width of the community

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