A 50 year old media is the business or to continue in the media

walking in Guangzhou, the most densely packed Tianhe North Road, coming and going people have long been replaced by fresh white-collar. The adjacent commercial center, there is a restaurant, a restaurant with a table for three rows of diners, frowning, very sad.

appears to be a middle-aged man said, his face two young woman, very politely said: "I would like to ask two today, what should I do next?"

of the middle-aged man about the background is a veteran reporter print, business news industry for more than and 20 years, is the writing skill, early in the newspaper won many awards, of course, these awards are derived from internal selection, and often most glorious newspaper reporters award, is the internal selection.

"I’m good at writing characters and writing characters." He said.


this year has been cross to the 50 year old middle-aged man, although the reporter skill skill is deep, but still encounter some confusion: one is to continue to stay in the media, no meaning, because the traditional media industry downturn, even in his high, still only 10000 pieces of income, jobs and income does not match.


two is alone out of business, he is going to sell what? If only is to help others to operate the public, what is reflected in where the years of the news value? How to solve this gap was


is three, if not start, do not stay in the media, into the enterprise, can put in the online job resumes? Can you make sure that your boss is older than you? If it is a 80, 90 or even, they will be employed in front of the "old people" he read out a lot, not always want to understand. He also shared a personal real experience, just last year, he tried to vote in the online resume, a company just need to seek the editor in chief of a magazine, a monthly salary of twelve thousand to twenty thousand, looks good, he decided to resume the past.

a few days, the interview time, he was holding a good mood, into the company, coming towards a 90 girls, did not say a word, first handed him a job application, one of which is to provide proof of the past work and contact telephone number. He was very puzzled to ask the 90 girls: if in order to prove my work experience true and false, you can arrange your boss to talk to me."

90 girls should be very indifferent to a sentence: you do not have the opportunity to see our boss, you can only see the highest treatment of our personnel manager."

he felt his old shelf can not stand, can only turn away. "I have not yet received a notice of employment, why do I have to provide personal privacy to you, this is not an equal opportunity to interview." He added: "in fact, many companies are now so."

finished, he shook his head, said his situation is very embarrassing.

, however, he has tried to resign to choose to do

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