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la la la, so that all students feel very full, happy and intense training camp ushered in a wonderful course second days! Today’s share tutor, all top coffee, full of dry cargo, allow students to take notes and pictures too tired to call: "arm breaking!" (off the record the king was so, hum).

in the afternoon entrepreneurship class, from CIS capital investments, Neusoft carrier, with the way tourism, regulating the family network, vering, high technology, photoelectric micro itsunew technology projects such as the founding partner of Liu Biao, is full of sincerity to dedicate their eleven years of experience in venture capital in exchange for money and time dry cargo, from the angles of industry selection to the team, to meet the challenge, to carry out the analysis and guidance for entrepreneurs, brought a precious practical success. In this paper, according to the founder of the community according to their speech editing, has been authorized, please indicate the source:

entrepreneurial success rule one: choose the industry

entrepreneurship must choose the track, that is, the industry. The success rate of different industries is not the same, some industries are born with more opportunities, and some industries are inherently difficult to develop. Therefore, when you start a business, you have to figure out, what kind of industry opportunities can make it easier to succeed in the business? What kind of industry factors make it more difficult to start a business?


correct industry selection rule:

1, the market size is large enough to carry at least one listed company.

must have enough market size, not too narrow, otherwise it can not bear more companies to do. For the agency, the market size of at least tens of billions, will be considered within the scope of investment, large investment institutions require at least ten billion market, will be concerned about.

2, the market is in the early stages of growth and development.

must be clear, the stage of the market, early, growth or recession. In the recession, it is difficult to develop the enterprise, and the real great companies are mostly produced in emerging industries, such as Microsoft, Google, Tencent, Alibaba, almost all from 0 to 1 growth process.

at the beginning of 2011, I invested in a solar company in Wuxi, which is the most loss of our investment in a business, a loss of 15 million. Just investment, the photovoltaic industry is booming. But soon, the industry will fall, serious excess capacity, product prices plummeted. Looking back, it will be found that in 2011 to do the solar industry, is almost impossible to succeed, unless particularly strong in the field of subdivision, because the industry is showing a downward trend.

3, the traditional market is the impact of new technologies and bring new business opportunities.

for example

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