Take the platform business talk about entrepreneurship dream or something to hell

takeaway platform businesses talk about entrepreneurship: the dream is to have something in the hell

TechWeb reported in July 16th this week / color

settled in the takeaway platform businesses like Taobao on the seller, after so many years of Taobao, the online shop, you remember a few

in the takeaway platform for entrepreneurship Yue Shan feeling quite to throw this sentence, I was speechless. Indeed, we believe that those who have already made the reputation of the brand online, starting from the online shop can do really not much.

takeaway platform merchants also. U.S., hungry takeaway platform rush at the same time, businesses on the platform is also quietly changed. More and more entrepreneurs choose to open the store in a little bit of the city, do not do the next line orders, only send out. They are looking forward to create their own brand catering "dreamer", also want to make money "realism", Yue Shan bluntly he belongs to the latter.

: first is to do a takeaway to live and earn a lot of money

set up in the United States on the takeaway Amoy rice is the second time after graduating from the University of entrepreneurship, in his words, the choice is because this is easier to live, at least earn some money. But he did not want to make the Amoy rice brand, or make a large scale, Amoy rice to him, just a springboard, after a certain amount of funds to jump to other markets".

may be due to the failure of the first venture, the mountain has become a reality. He said, "after graduating from university is the first venture in Houhai roast pig’s trotters was also made, dreamed of a own brand, like the West master, but this dream for less than a year on the loose." As for the reason, he did not want to say more, but repeatedly stressed that Houhai is not good mix".

this time, the site will be selected in the mountains of Beijing, Fangshan, more than the school, near the school, Amoy rice is the main dish dishes, only online, according to his description is the processing plant". According to Yue Shan, Amoy rice since 3 months, an average of one day can have a single more than and 100, running water around $3000.

Amoy food and the United States to take away the exclusive sales agreement, in addition to the United States to take away, not in other takeaway platform. Because part of the subsidy is jointly taken by the United States and the United States to take off Amoy food, which also makes it easy to catch food sales revenue is subject to the u.s.." Yue Shan said, in May of this year, the United States to take a large amount of subsidies to take away, more than the number of students, the water is high, basically no subsidies in June, a small amount of less. Most of the time there are about 6000 yuan per day of water, only a small amount of less than $2000."

in his view, do takeaway food itself has a lot of bottlenecks, the scope of delivery, delivery time, daily production, food preservation and personal qualities of the industry personnel are limited. For a grassroots entrepreneurs, in order to make a network platform or a master of the West

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