To tell you a joke want to start a business

Abstract: entrepreneurship is not a game, but it evolved into a general. Some flourishes myth, let the whole society into a fickle business. Business can not be too impetuous, some mixed business projects, but also increased the difficulty of screening investors, chance encounter good project was also significantly lower.


was eating with a friend, the friend blurted out a glass of beer. "Brother, I want to start a business, can support point"? 100 Jun just swallowed the food, almost spit out. "Dude, you’re not drunk?".


"lend me 100 thousand, higher than the bank interest rate of 5 points to you".

look at him so seriously, 100 Jun but almost laughed. "Tell you a joke: I want to start a business!"

to tell you a joke: I am old



, is probably the biggest joke in the business circles. The scenery, over BAT; drop altar is not worth a farthing.

through ABCD…… G round of financing totaling about $422 million. Is old enough, I do not know how much money owed by investors. Finally, with the G round of Lei transfusion, barely alive. Sadly, Chen said, where the customer is in this life to do, will not give up. Still another to launch a tepid product, even to the hype, even insults Jay Chou for garbage, offend its young customers, really do not know what is his ultimate goal is to be a joke? It seems to the end.

now, it is no longer known "VANCL style", but not where the pinnacle of memory. People only care about what time, where the collapse of


entrepreneurship is not easy, you ready to fail it?

tell you a joke: O2O


mentioned O2O entrepreneurship, which is the mobile Internet era, the biggest joke. Look back to the past, many entrepreneurs hold high the great banner of subversion of the industry, just need to use pseudo manufacturing high subsidies. And burn, has become the most perfect excuse this industry. Until a mouth coffin, the emergence of the cemetery, only to wake up a lot of entrepreneurs and investors.

now, all entrepreneurs are trying to avoid the O2O, as long as you say that you are engaged in O2O, and even other entrepreneurs will smile to you.

entrepreneurship can not follow the trend, you have done market research it?

tell you a joke: P2P platform


now think they all feel very funny, but a year ago, the P2P platform has Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River. Start from e rental treasure

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