Xiong Xiaoge’s biggest regret seize B and T did not catch the gem A late nearly 10 years

Abstract: Xiong Xiaoge said, has now entered the era of mobile Internet, so he has a dream is to be able to build BAT mobile Internet era, the stock market in China, the front of the BAT we have two, right now the storm started as a B, has a B, then look for the following A and T.


IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge in August 14th on-line financial Tencent "choice" in the program said, "my next dream is to be able to build BAT mobile Internet era, now the storm is a B technology, below again looking for A and T, I have no regrets."

Xiong Xiaoge in the choice, admitted that the last round of investment spending the Internet to leave one of the biggest regret is that the company listed overseas." This leads Xiong Xiaoge to seize the "B" of Baidu in the consumer Internet era, and the "T" Tencent, but I missed the "A" ali. "We have entered the era of mobile Internet, so my next dream is to be able to build BAT mobile Internet era, the stock market in Chinese, this BAT in front of me we have two, I said just now, the storm started as a B, we have B, we next, looking for A and T." He said.

capital’s biggest regret

Xiong Xiaoge in the "decision" said, "in the past investment process, I think one of the biggest regret, I regret to the Tencent is not the earliest I quit, but I think that if the gem launched in the year two thousand, and built a really like NASDAQ such a gem. As a Tencent, like Baidu, Sohu, SouFun, and so do some consumer Internet Co, including Alibaba, should be in the domestic market. I think it’s PE, if listed in the country, your market value will be much higher than the current market value, may be more successful. This is a big regret for me. So we are the first to use the RMB fund, the structure of the VIE to dismantle, and then come back to the domestic market, ready to board. As we all know, the gem actually IPO off for two years, so there is delay. I say this to the Internet, investment to me without any regret, why? With the domestic financial IOP money that a company listed in the domestic market, I think this is very good."

investment Tencent is regret or pride?

Xiong Xiaoge mentioned in the "choice", "at that time, IDG only one investor is IDG, CFO is in charge of money, IDG is not a listed company, so it always according to the company’s cash flow management company. When he saw the Tencent to get high returns, he thought it was best to get the money back. So they want to take, we can only take, because it is a money. But when you think about it

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