WeChat mobile payment open up a new era of the era of marketing

some people in use, some people are watching, some people in the enlightenment, but you do not know the ecological environment of the three WeChat entrepreneurial opportunities. WeChat has reached the level of the use of the crowd, WeChat spawned business opportunities have produced a number of millions and tens of millions of wealthy people 700 million.

first look at the well-known made rich classification:

first category: WeChat development service provider

The first batch of mining wealth after the birth of the WeChat

is the group technology development service providers, the four league, Langyan dispute. The last remaining few, but the rest of the group also went to the financing and capital markets. The initial training will be through sales of WeChat marketing of the so-called masters also earned a lot of money or other routine play quietly retreat.

is still insisting on doing WeChat development services, WeChat marketing services companies are mostly large technical team can survive well, and constantly find new opportunities and the mainland. This comes from WeChat itself on the next line of the end of the king of marketing, online O2O solutions continue to explore and WeChat users on the use of high-frequency driver. This kind of entrepreneur more and more strong, if WeChat development trend is good, there will be a higher stage can jump. From the point of view of the current positioning of all things WeChat Internet connector, small series is very optimistic about this kind of entrepreneurs, the following Xiaobian will continue to discuss with you to explore the development of new WeChat service provider marketing model innovation.


second: Micro quotient

micro business development has benefited from a number of original sales and marketing people engaged in mining complex, the marketing and distribution model packaging as "share shopping", "circle of friends" social marketing "business" and so highfalutin word. Then the interests of the drive to make a group of unknown reason and master of the rapid popularity of the whole network, killing many people unprepared. Also attracted numerous brands have entered the micro business to seize the high ground of envy.

always, always is one of the few people playing with most people, a few people often read look thoroughly. People get a sword in the sword, guiding a group of people to the theatre. This is a trick for thousands of years, but still can make a person enchanted.

Why can

derivative is fascinating, it still captures the weakness of human nature "fear, greed, sloth, face" and so on. But to see the Internet on the overall decline in the overall micro business, which we are still a lot of confidence. To see a screenshot of the data, by the way, but also want to dispel some of the enthusiasm of illegal micro businessmen.




here but then review the various illegal micro business model, has participated in several exchanges between the micro business executives, the micro business as a regular business operations team is still rare. This land may have been formed in China

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