HTML5 game industry 15 minutes on the eve of the outbreak of Lei Jun investment

lead: "all the people looking for Jaycee Chan" and other small game, once the explosion of mobile social software in 2014 once the brush. There are indications that H5 games are in the small game to the eve of the outbreak of the big industry.

"all the people looking for Jaycee Chan", "surrounded by nervous cat", "see you have color" and other small games, once in 2014, once the explosion of major mobile social software. Since then, the HTML5 game (hereinafter referred to as the H5 game) also entered the public view. With the rapid growth of mobile games, H5 game developers and investors have also been concerned about. There are indications that H5 games are in the small game to the eve of the outbreak of the big industry.

For the HTML5 game


open source cross platform mobile phone game development engine Egret Engine egret engine at the end of 2014, get along for the capital of A $10 million round of financing. The egret engine can quickly create HTML5 mobile games, games can also be compiled output become primary target mobile platform game application.

anecdotal, Shun is the founding partner of Lei capital took only 15 minutes to knock off the investment. Analysis of the industry, is bound to cause Lei, focused on H5 games on the egret engine future millet build their own ecosystem help.

in five seconds, light game 9g, dance, pigs, radish and so on the flagship HTML5 game company, also announced a considerable amount of investment.

is interesting, "money" not only from Zeng Liqing, Lei Jun and other mobile Internet senior investors, even food, household appliances, agricultural products industry investors have reported, reached the HTML5 game market. One can imagine that these capital is a broad vision of the H5 game, bigwigs want to seize the initiative before the arrival of the competition.


BAT seize HTML5 game outlet

summary of the 2015 changes in the market in the hands of the hand travel market in the Tencent, H5 ranked first. The Tencent of H5 jollier, in QQ space, have the entrance to play games. Data revealed that there are H5 games in the QQ space has been a million water.

is responsible for Tencent browser Wei Xiaohai pointed out that the biggest problem facing H5 is fragmented, due to the problem of Android compatibility. Tencent in order to solve this problem, in its WeChat, mobile QQ, space, browser and other software to join the X5 kernel, and free to provide developers with the use of. H5 developers only need to adapt to the X5 kernel to make the game, and access to a Tencent provided by the size of only 60K SDK, you can run on the Tencent’s major platforms to solve the problem of adaptation models.

is responsible for QQ space Xu Huabin said, QQ space for page tour and hand travel developers preferential policies will gradually open to the H5 Game >

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