By FFWPU Cambodia On the basis of the Interfaith

first_imgBy FFWPU Cambodia: On the basis of the Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony in Battambang city which has held on July 18, 2015, Family Federation World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) -Cambodia, Battambang branch became to increase the numbers of blessed families. Following the Vision 2020, FFWPU-Cambodia Battambang branch started to expand its foundation to district to district and commune to commune. (Cambodia has administrative unit, divided into 25 provinces, 25 provinces is divided into districts, each district divided into commune.) FFWPU-Cambodia, Battambang branch decided to hold 2nd Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony (IPBC) at Samlout district which located nearby Thailand, Trad Province.On November 22, 2015, FFWPU-Cambodia conducted the IPBC at Meanchay commune, Samlout district, Battambang province. More than 430 couples were attended this Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony. As pre-program, Mr. Pheav Hang, Education director of UPF-Cambodia, Battambang branch, gave the lecture “Family as the school of love and peace”. He explained with this presentation about the value of re-building ideal family is the only the way for building peace. Many of participants made up their mind to become the families who could encourage their community to expand heaven’s blessing through this presentation.The Holy Wine Ceremony was officiated by Mr. & Mrs. Srey Kivsokhom, director of provincial teacher training center. At the same time, they offered the prayer to all participants wishing that they can receive True Parents’ grace which has the power of changing blood lineage for new life, new love and new lineage. All the participants couples were received the holy wine so seriously and determined automatically volunteered for working peace for community.Main program started with singing for national anthem after arriving of the main guest, Mrs. Dy Samet, chief of Samlout district, Mrs. Nhet Sarim, chief of district council of Samlout district, Mr. Yem Yorn, Chief of Meanchay commune and Mr. Shu Lin, Director of UPF-Malaysia, Penang branch. 3 Blessed Families came from Battambang town, which away from 80 kilometers from Samlout district voluntarily came to be as attendance. 438 couples, 865 people including 10 Christian couples, 4 Khmer Muslim couples and 2 Monk came to attend this Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony.Mr. Ng Shu Lin told and introduce Father Moon’s tradition of “Living for the sake of others”, “Love the Enemy” in his welcome speech. He emphasized the importance to keep the heavenly blood lineage and practice the tradition of True Parents. Open remark was given by Mrs. Dy Samet, Chief of Samlout district. She mentioned that “Principle of One Man and One Woman” is not only for FFWPU principle but also Samlout district principle. Encouraging the participants to work together with FFWPU for expanding the ceremony of realizing happy and healthy family not only this commune but all over commune in Samlout district. (Samlout district has 7 commune including this Meanchay commune)After 3 representatives of the Buddhism, Christianity and Muslim gave the prayer, Mr. & Mrs. Saito, regional director of UPF-Indochina conducted the Blessing Ceremony as representative of True Parents. 3 representative couples were on the stage to receive Holy Water. “Invocation of the Blessing” was using True Father’s prayer from Blessing Ceremony in Cheongshim World Peace Center, in March 2012 which translated into Khmer as local Cambodia language. After officiator proclaimed the acknowledgement of Blessing by Heaven, Mr. Saing Sen, vice president of international university gave the congratulatory remark. He shared his experience to the participants how he met with True Parents, through UPF and how changed his life. “All the family wanted to live with joyful heart but environment doesn’t allow us to live. As reality, many people faced difficulty with different kind of several reason, drive family to scatter as the result of divorce. Due to their parents’ divorce, children lost the way where to go as their future. Father and Mother Moon knew this issue very clear and has the passion to solve this issue for the people in all over the world. That’s why we are here to attend this ceremony.At the end, representative of Christian couple offered the flower to the officiator, Mr. & Mrs. Saito.After ending of the main program, indemnity stick ceremony was held. All the participants understood this indemnity stick ceremony is the new beginning as the Blessed Family to restore the mistake what human ancestor, their own ancestor and themselves committed. Most of the participants attended this ceremony obedient this indemnity stick ceremony.Most of the participants especially local authority was quite satisfied this result of the ceremony to transform their family, tribe, community and society. We could see District leaders were very inspired to see the magic of True Parents. This place, Battambang province, Samlout district was taken by Khmer Rouge (Revolutionary organization which led by Communist Party of Kampuchea. The organization is remembered especially for orchestrating the Cambodian genocide, which resulted from enforcement of its social engineering policies.) Until the last moment that this organization remain to involve as guerrilla activities till the time for the general election 1994. That’s why people in here are sincerely seeking for what is the True Peace. People knew that tragedy of genocide incident happened because of disunity. Disunity of society, disunity of people, and disunity between God and people. Our Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony could bring unity to the society. No one can do only True Parents can do.last_img

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