HandsOn Monster Energy Supercross is More Exciting Than Soft Drinks

first_img New ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Trailer Puts Us on Cloud Nine’Final Fantasy VIII Remastered’ Is Frustrating and Amazing When I finished watching the trailer for Monster Energy Supercross at a private New York Comic Con Square Enix event, admittedly my first question to the team at Milestone was “Is ‘Monster Energy’ really part of the official name?” As a major sponsor of the motorcycle racing sport for years, yes, Monster Energy is officially part of the name for Monster Energy Supercross. But don’t let that stop you from checking out a pretty nifty-looking racing game.Like fellow upcoming Milestone racing game Gravel, Monster Energy Supercross clearly comes from a sim background but is flexible enough to fit more arcade sensibilities like mine. It’s got more going on than, say, Excitebike. But I was able to bounce back from crashes and stunts that would surely turn real riders into Johnny Blaze skeletons. It’s a spectrum.As I sampled races in various distinct dirt stadiums, from real-world courses in Minneapolis and Las Vegas to custom player-made tracks, I quickly learned that what sets a motorcycle-based racing game apart from a car-based one is that you have to be aware of both the vehicle’s physics and the person’s physics. Controlling the bike was straightforward enough, but using the other analog stick I could also adjust the rider.Shifting your weight in one direction or another has radical consequences. I could “slice” through the air, letting me land quickly while also looking super cool. I could stay low to the ground to not go as high riding over bumps. Even just maintaining general balance while going fast over uneven terrain required some finesse. I definitely didn’t master the system during my demo but I did begin to appreciate its extreme sports depth. It’s a cool new thing to have to consider in a racing game, getting man and machine to harmoniously work together in tandem. It’s kind of like playing a video game.As an official Supercross game, Monster Energy Supercross also puts a focus on verisimilitude. Choose a real person like Chad Reed or Ryan Dungrey as your rider, make the controls as realistic as possible with the high-speed 450SX engine class, pop into a special first-person helmet view, and wipe mud from your face like you were actually there. Soil and grime are the natural aesthetic of the sport, but that didn’t stop the game from looking and performing well, at least in the PC build I played.Maybe my intentions were lowered by the shameless soft drink plug in the title, but I walked away from Monster Energy Supercross more entertained than I ever expected to be by a motorcycle racing game. Look for it next year February 13 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and also the Nintendo Switch. So maybe it will be like Excitebike?Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img

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