Month: March 2017

Xining South Shanxi community to ease the building long shortage weapon

March 9th morning, who lives in the provincial capital of labor Lane building long Fu Chenglan came to the neighborhood community, report the basic situation of tenants moved in recent months in the yard, which greatly facilitates the community neighborhood committee. In the South Beach City Office District of Xining City, South Shanxi community 68 community liaison, and is also a long building, they are a good assistant for community residents, community harmony contribution. In the city of Xining City People’s Street Office Lane alley community also has such a group of long, they do not pay, in the district mediation dispute, the collection of health costs and utilities. Many residential buildings that are difficult to choose, Nanshan community practice is worth learning. read more

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The introduction of the province to implement the views of the public service sector to promote coop

to allow the masses to enjoy the high quality and efficient public services, recently, the provincial financial report to the provincial government issued on the promotion of public services in the field of government and social capital cooperation model.

"opinions" clear, according to the regional economic and social development, select a relatively high degree of marketization, the project price adjustment mechanism flexible, large investment, long-term stability of the project needs. Focus on energy, transportation, water conservancy, municipal utilities, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, health care, human resources and social security, pension, education, culture, tourism and other public services. To create a new PPP project, according to project life cycle, pricing mechanism, investment income, risk allocation framework and government investment measures, reasonable choice of build – operate – transfer (BOT), build own operate (BOO), build own operate transfer (BOOT) etc.. On the local government financing platform stock project, the active use of transfer – operation – transfer (TOT), reconstruction – operation – transfer (ROT) and other ways to transform into PPP projects, the introduction of social capital to participate in the transformation and operation of the project. read more

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Xining distribution area all won the pioneer workers honorary certificate

  Xining power company distribution area sent Longnan earthquake relief security personnel, in disaster conditions, the case of aftershocks, overcome difficulties and difficulties, accomplished the difficult and complicated relief work, by the local government and the masses of praise and praise, recently, they are the Chinese National Federation of trade unions grant relief, reconstruction of family circle "pioneer workers honorary title.

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Traditional Chinese Folk Customs show to attract citizens

To carry forward the fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation, the rich people in the Spring Festival cultural life, recently, organized by the Xining Municipal Committee to undertake the work of mass culture, Xining Culture Radio and Television Bureau, Xining city library, Xining · clouds gathering together in association with the agency, "Chinese traditional Folk Culture Exhibition" was held successfully in the west district culture and arts center.

this event is rich in content and diverse forms. The boys whispering "disciple gauge", a state of ceremonies, classical dance dressed Chinese Hanfu exhibition, tea ceremony, Zheng Tan sound incense dragon Ming Feng Yin Qin solo, traditional folk and traditional flavor, in part, the presence of the audience to show the beauty of Hanfu, ancient beauty, the beauty of tea. Qinghai folk expert, expert Ancient Chinese Literature Search Mr. Ren Yugui with Chinese clothing show, explain the development and evolution of Qinghai local folk customs of the Spring Festival for the audience, we further understand the characteristics of Spring Festival Culture in Hehuang area. This activity is whether his staff or the audience on the stage, are involved in through the "Internet plus" in the form of Xining city library website and WeChat open platform for registration as well as online and offline for a variety of ways, greatly enhancing the public recognition of the excellent traditional culture. Warm atmosphere of the event, All seats are occupied., strong sense of interaction on stage. read more

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Wang Jianjun on the provincial government work and the government work report Draft to solicit opi

1 on the 4 day and 5 day, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Jianjun made a special trip to the provincial people’s Congress and CPPCC organs for discussion, the provincial government work and the "government work report (Draft)" opinions and suggestions.

Mu Dongsheng, chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee

, vice chairman of the provincial people’s Congress chaired the forum. Deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress, Ma Wei, Suning ang Mao and Cao Hong, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang Xiaoqing, Luo Zhaoyang, Bao Yizhi, Ma Zhiwei, Ma Changqing, Ren Qing Jie, Li Xuansheng, Zhang Shoucheng, Ji Renfeng, and the democratic parties Provincial Committee, Provincial Federation of industry and commerce and non partypersonages on behalf of the provincial people’s Congress and CPPCC provincial committee secretary long, each special committee and the office attended the forum. Zhang Guangrong, Yang Fengchun to listen to opinions. read more

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The provincial sports work conference pointed out that the big sports concept to promote big health

1 24, the province’s sports work conference held. The meeting summed up the results of the province’s sports work in 2016, combing the analysis of deficiencies and gaps, judged opportunities and challenges facing the deployment of key tasks this year. Vice governor Han Jianhua speech.

the meeting pointed out that over the past year, the effective implementation of national fitness strategy, accelerate the pace of infrastructure construction, build brand competition to comprehensively strengthen the sports industry, the scale is expanding constantly, continuously improve the level of competitive sports, the sports industry has got great development, the construction of sports facilities to reach a new level, Huimin engineering sports let people get affordable, host brand events boosted confidence in the development of the province on the. read more

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The province’s average daily new market players 173

province after the implementation of the reform of the commercial system, the full release of the reform dividend, effectively stimulate the vitality of the market. Reporters from April 6th to promote the province’s first photo card after the reform to strengthen supervision afterwards things in a video conference was informed that last year’s daily average of new market players 173, thousands of people have market players 50, compared to 2014 has increased dramatically.

It is reported that in March 2014 read more

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West 62 projects for the development of building blocks

organization and implementation of the construction of 62 projects, focusing on areas such as the demolition and transformation of the youth lane and the south of the mountain green Ditch Road Construction projects…… This year, the Western District adhere to the investment as the first driver, firmly set up large projects led to the development of large projects to bring the concept of large income, to promote the construction of large projects in the western development.
this year West District will organize the implementation of construction projects in 62, the government investment projects 51, plans to invest 675 million yuan. We will improve the coordination and coordination of key projects and solve problems, do a good job in project approval, land use and other services, and urge the project to start early, early construction, early results. The expansion of investment, the implementation of a number of active consumption growth, major projects to improve the city function, highlight the value of the industry, to create a good atmosphere of love, business, business. Enhance the level of consumption, accelerate the development of life of service, focus on tourism, logistics, trade and other key industries, innovation of credit, leasing, online shopping and other new forms of consumption, enhance the quality and efficiency of consumption, consumption stimulate economic growth. To cultivate the market main body, play a role in the third industry development service center and entrepreneurship incubation service center, to further implement the tax relief, venue rental and other policies and measures to encourage and support small and micro enterprises, development and growth of new industries, to inject new vitality into the economic development.
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We look at the leaders

In May 16th, the provincial Party committee held the party’s mass line educational practice leaders meeting, in-depth study of the important instructions to implement the General Secretary Xi on educational practice in the near future, the implementation of the central educational practice video conference, analysis of the development trend of the second batch of the province through activities, play a key role in a push, people are satisfied with the effectiveness of educational practice. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining stressed that educational practice is going through the motions, or the real thing, the masses look at the cadres, cadres in the leadership, we are watching the leaders. Every leader must firmly grasp the activities in the hands of the former command, from beginning to end to carry the responsibility on the shoulders. read more

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Xining held health system skills competition

to further encourage the majority of workers in the city health system based on their own, learn skills, improve skills, knowledge, learning, striving to be skillful and professional staff, to the majority of medical workers skills to operate more standardized, to further improve the overall quality, creating a professional, all-round, high-quality nursing team, combined with the mark "5 – 12 international nurses day, May 10th, the Xining municipal health system job skills competition held in the third people’s hospital. Xu Guocheng, deputy mayor of Xining municipal government, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Committee of the second workers vocational skills competition, the City Federation of trade unions, Municipal Health Bureau leaders attended the competition.

in this competition, the city and district (county) health administrative departments attach great importance to the objectives and requirements, focus on skills contest full mobilization, careful arrangements. All kinds of medical institutions at all levels to actively respond to, combined with clinical work, to further strengthen the ranks of nurses, improve the overall quality of nurses. The majority of nurses with full enthusiasm to actively participate in skills training and competition activities, and strive to strengthen their business learning and skills training.


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