Month: June 2017

Beijing Guqin gathering rich traditional culture shine year net

in China’s Spring Festival as a traditional festival in China, although the standard of living in the continuous improvement, but a lot of local flavor is far less than before! The calendar to the sixth day of the lunar new year, the Spring Festival will be half. In No. 8 Xiaoyun Road, adjacent to the Beijing East sanhuan gold hinterland, a Spring Festival gathering rujierzhi, such as plum Qingyou, although located in the hustle and bustle quietly blooming. The gathering was originally, ancient, literati recite poetry, talk learning assembly. The more famous in the history of a Western Jin Shi Chong "Jinguyuan gathering", Wang Xizhi of the Eastern Jin Dynasty "Lanting Pavilion gathering", and let Wang Bo overnight "Pavilion of Prince Teng gathering" etc.. read more

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Online what good sell small series announced the answer

on the Internet to do business, the focus is to find the right project. If your product is very attractive, there is no good business. What sells online? Are you still thinking about it? Online selling point magic small toys are very profitable, business opportunities can not be missed.

online what to sell? Magic toys sell well. In the hearts of all men, there are so many visions of magic. What magic toy what kind of business? For example: magic bottle, fantasy screen, clairvoyance, card, magic poker match vacated, do not underestimate these things, not only low cost and high profit. read more

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How to drive other goods sales

do not think that the sale of cigarettes will be able to earn this part of the profits, in fact, if the proper operating skills of cigarettes, but also to promote the sale of more other goods. In a word, cigarette is not only a special commodity in the legal concept, but also a special commodity for other commodities. Here I would like to talk about a number of sales of cigarettes to promote the sale of other skills, for your reference.

cigarette driven restaurant business

my friend runs a high-end restaurant, "seafood" features. Since October last year, a friend store business down. I asked him why? He said: "those who come to the name of a famous brand of cigarettes, no smoke they will not come. Recently, and tobacco companies contact more, into a lot of famous cigarettes, frequent visitors will come back, business unpopular." read more

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Open a small dry cleaners need to follow these principles

with the continuous improvement of the quality of life of modern people, people are more and more demand for dry cleaning, a huge market demand for consumption, open a dry cleaning shop is a good choice to get rich. For the lack of funds for investors, want to open a small dry cleaning shop, the shop also need to follow the following principles:

A, residential area entrance or main traffic road. Small dry cleaners target customers for stable residents, residents should take into account the route to grasp the flow of residential areas. Most customers from the store within 200 meters of the area, so in the dry cleaners store locations within the radius of 500 meters, there are some requirements for the fixed population, in general, should not be less than 5000 people. read more

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Supporting services tend to be more market

are aware of the food and beverage industry is not likely to lose their jobs, so many people will be involved in the catering business, open a restaurant to open a restaurant has become a lot of people choose. As everyone knows, the industry competition is very fierce, a careless, would be burned. In fact, we might as well change a train of thought, do some of the current hot market business supporting services, often the market is good oh.

is one of my best friends and have a hand to do Braised pork in brown sauce skills, he considered the restaurant too much credit, business, turn off the hotel, opened a deli, designed to provide processed food for the hotel. He operates a variety of special, there are braised pork, ribs, meatballs, peanuts, beef, etc., as long as the hotel needs cooked everything. Because he cooked fresh food, reasonable price, so the market is particularly good, dozens of restaurants in the county are purchased from his Deli, many residents also to his shop when entertaining guests. read more

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Retail business is indispensable

retail owner’s personality is different, the careful understanding may be different, some character is careless, however, shopkeepers care is too important, this careful not only related to the development of the supermarket, but also affect their business, in addition to the care can also make their own discovery a lot of problems, and then let the supermarket detours to avoid loss. If the retailer does not care, then it will naturally affect the operation of the supermarket. I used to be very careless, but after a few hit, I dare not careless. read more

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Join the eight advantages of Banu Hot pot duck

to join the project how to choose the optimal selection of course, Chongqing duck Hot pot franchise, which brand is good? Of course the Banu Hot pot belly.

1, before the opening of Banu Maodu headquarters to provide decoration investment Hot pot standard drawings of a

2, Banu duck headquarter orientation training Hot pot shop manager, supervisor, chef and soup division and a knife;

The Banu duck Hot pot investment headquarters sent supervisor opened

3, the lobby Houchu professional staff in the 1, to provide 15 days of service support. read more

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How to successfully open a snack bar to make money

snack industry is now very hot, so people want to open more and more people, more and more people to make money. But how to successfully open a snack bar a lot of people do not understand, today Xiaobian teach you a good look, hoping to help entrepreneurs.

why do many people recommend snacks to join the industry now? As everyone knows, snacks have great difference with the original snacks, they no longer synonymous with junk food, now the snack in the minds of consumers on behalf of the safety, health, fashion, leisure, such as nutrition, delicious delicacy, won the majority of consumers, bring a higher quality of life for the majority of consumers. It also provides a wealth of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, thus becoming the first choice for their entrepreneurial projects. read more

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How to make good use of the nternet business platform marketing

The rapid development of

Internet, the traditional catering industry operators, this is the best of times, it was the worst of times, to be successful experience, we must continue to innovate, adapt to the changing times, grasp the advantages of the Internet marketing is the key to do the store.

1. the Internet is a tool to take advantage of it. Internet thinking is a tool, it is easy to learn, but not to mention a tool can hold up an industry. Each industry are not the same, we don’t love every day to find the outlet on the entrepreneur, that the fire which industry do what entrepreneurs are basically fodder, really stick in a valuable talent industry for many years. Chinese food does not need too much resources docking, but the need for practical using the Internet tools to each node and re process, complete the reconstruction experience. read more

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